.day 12.

day 12.

to think of you up to your knees in snow

is preferable than imagining you swamped

in dirty laundry

saying that my laundry closed yesterday

i phoned and wished them all the best

the machines hard going making back ground noise

later my fuel arrived, logs, nuggets and sticks, delivery

man angry at others calling in the store for non essentials

and crowding together which is not done protocol

no more

for using cash and buttoning the payment machine

with fingers even though the swipe amount increased

like he said how come compost , wild bird food come

important when folk are dying

his wife works at the hopital in town

on my walk i meets the wooden dog, famed by me

on instagram and says hello.

his master stood a distance chatted a while until we

moved on both noting, commenting on the brighter


both noting the quiet road

i saw violets james

on return had a bonfire

the garden waste which

made me really happy


later when weary i failed with all the news and worry


on waking early and bright found that the asda site

gone quiet and booked my food delivery

so remain independant a while


hoping your fuel came too

stay safe

( note…james is a ‘penpal’ lives on tug hill. we share experiences daily)