.day 11.

.day 11.

we have lockdown here as you may know
it came last evening at 8.30, his knuckles

john phoned me then to say he cannot visit
as planned with me at the upstairs window
him in the garden below

so i ordered the things online
like the paint that arrived

‘happy yellow’ i gasped on opening
at how a colour can affect mood

a good name & i felt it so
that the doors will approve

later on the walk they dawdled up in front
stopped at all the turnings studying their

in my delay i saw the birds nesting
the river running clean before they

and i
did my one
daily walk

with power

good to get

there has been too much order in
those tidy drawings so i used the
carbon again with looking away

they came random
slightly wistful i feel

my neighbour knocked at the back
so i opened and reversed down the
long library hall to talk loud from afar

he talked sense
but wondered
if they were hyping
it all up

still waking early
with the day fully
ahead and clear