.cold on tug hill.

i tap the block of ice to hope for a reply
to dread that you are inside


not by the fire thawing or in a warm bed


an icicle from your nose
drip down your pyjamas
traditional with stripes

in the holiday cottage
there are floral duvet covers
with frilled edges in abundance

i ask who is staying there, she says
contractors. i imagine them in fancy
flannel nighties and smile widely

of couse this is not true, just a thought
which stayed some time and folk
wondered at my happy countenance
not knowing i made it all myself

not so cold here and while the mill day
ends with fiddling locks in the black &
up over the mountains darkly, i find
that the next times we are let go early

then january break
to ponder our next move

while watching

here in my house we will
remain personally european.