.clean sheets.

Early awake for a day at Bala. The sky comes dark along side wise texts from friends.

Regarding discrimination and lack of inclusion in this country still. Folk do not seem aware of the impact of their words.

The cat came in early and back out after food.

Yesterday I missed the dog intensely after all this time. I half expected to see her at the door.

I am watching the news slightly while I write.

How many bikes have you? I enjoy that the Amish man exclaimed at your shopping bike. I exclaim often while others judge me for that, maybe. I exclaim over planes and trains a lot.

It looks like rain. I shall only take a jacket as I go by bus, as it is a free ride now and so pleasant and complete.

I shall buy a bed sheet from the charity
for the big table at the home studio, it will feel righteous.

Such a lot of strawberries. They used to be sold here per punnet, small wooden basklets which were useful after for all sorts.

I shall look at mine later and eat a few under the sky. The wild words.

I best go to the bus now. The school bus comes first, then mine and I hope it is a double decker.