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some times

do you hear someone sleeping?

do you hear them breathing?

i did not for many years.

last week I did.

the hotel

had thin walls.



driving past woods

oh you are a beauty, showing your legs, dress swinging.

in rhythm. in photos , little gifs, to share.

how can we look the same? i think i look different

now. now that i have grown, watched you grow.

now. now.

now that i helped when you were sick.

now i am older and watched you die. all of you.

i say goodnight to some and remember all of you.

how can i look the same. now. now.

remember all that has been done. how

can i look the same?

you are still a beauty.

dress swinging.



red cross

can you believe it. that it was said?

red cross.

we should help people in this country

first, not those abroad scared and dying.

that she asked about her washing, yes i

hang it in the garden, in sun and breeze

to dry fresh.

she replied that is what peasants do.

do you believe that?

red cross shop.

some say she has a face lift!


the end of january

darkness descends upon our houses.

watch it unfold as predicted. you

did not listen.

you said it will all be great again,

not that it ever was. now we watch

as darkness descends.

descends upon our houses.


how to recognise holiday makers and other creatures

why will i want to or think of it

at all. in lower case.

aren’t we all complementary,

designed with different features

and ramblings, not pausing for


we live in the country ; know that

all are different, enjoy a good time



aren’t we all in this together, a

question with gritted teeth

eventualities and commas.

do not worry over things. said this


all together.

the difference could make no difference.


clearing the jungle

google, i get pictures of the amazon and related places,

being scoured, and a dead

horses head.

he said that some are lying on their ages.

I expect sir if you were there, so would


the politician.

the jungle in calais.



the picture

run from the full moon,

race while the sky turns red

and all is falling.

go to the shore, hide

while the world is at war,

and all is falling.

there is light on the

water, can you feel it

while all are falling?



deep mine

i am eight now nearly nine. tall.

18.65 work the deep mine. small.

6 to 6, break for bread,

and poetry.

do not whistle, save your breath.

18.70 .

apprenticed, looking

for promotion. chains.

he is forty one i think,

lungs are stone.

forty five, 19.03


slate breath.