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he called early with the news

later ian came and we felled

the last of the saplings

kenny helped pulled the last one

away from the telephone line

that connects to his house


i don’t mind it
being private

though I do dispute wiki having

i know it to be fact
and rightly so

those sell by dates are guidance
those some things live longer

we agreed to disagree only
never verbalised as such

we are still in lock down
and are locked in



.fried bread.

now that sounds cold
i remember mum leaving the water tap running
in winter

the pipes were lagged in the outside toilet

and I hated that place both waiting outside
and the feel inside

the conversations about such a thing
at all

the cold when there was no heating

except the fire
reserved for drying the clothes

gran’s house much the same
though folk got preference

one each side
me by the radio

changing the thread to tell you
it all came lovely with onions
fried tasty, mushrooms and the
big tomato then cheese
on home made bread, fried

there are difficulties with tomatoes
large as a substitution

when only small are required

not wishing for waste
we eat them anyway

i feel it is another psychological



we walked on up near the copper mine , a darker place.                          got to thinking.
it comes as no suprise. often ill they die.                                   it is the way.     it is not sad.
we are sensed with  loss.                                                                                 that includes you.
he says that’s where the wind comes from,                                       to go most everywhere.
probably do not miss him.                       he was not around us much, well  not at all really.
he buggered off.   no inspiration then.                                                   yet.   he was my dad.
some day i will carry the bones inside.


ah pizza
now there is a thing
to love and so easy to store
in the freezer

or make
like you say
with multitudinous bits
on top

which bend and stretch

on breakfast tv he says
that we should all do that
and that

even getting out of a chair is exercise
or putting on a cardigan

i had pasta with bits of worry
over things I heard

yesterday felt difficult
so i wrote that in my diary

today the plan is toast
inspired by pizzas


all is well here all is quiet

messages sent about including

it was too warm for a fire
yet we lit it anyways for company

to smell the wood
to hear the cracking
the tick of the stove

yesterday we sent out messages too

one hour spent
st agnes

in cornwall

.the leak.

yes warmth and food
we have shelter

rain comes here in waves
reflecting feelings

sometimes i can smell the sea
though some miles from the shore

rules say to walk from the house
not to take the car

so I don’t

go to the shore
while others do

put photos on social

my time will come

we had toast just now with an
egg, a treat
deserved of a comma there

then coffee

later nuts and raisins
and so on through the


you have spoken of your home with
good descriptions while I think one

can google mine

perhaps i will check
and buy a bucket for

the leak

.to talk of food.

to talk of food

each day we check and diary
for there is no popping into
the shops just now

we see on social which shops
are closed for decontamination

say deep clean again

and those gone sick

it comes from kimnel bay
the asda van and we use
it carefully

the basement is now a store
with a label
and categories

as is the outbuilding
amongst other things

part of the day is pleasant
in the kitchen chopping

boogie wonderland

lots of nuts




.over the sink.

difference between a geezer and geyser

is vast

as big as the space
to carry logs over

do you see we talk so much
about heating these cold days

and always

life is minimal now
with that and food

though notice we don’t
discuss that so much

i could and
tell you of the plans and preparation
the ordering and menus here

but i don’t do i?

do you?

while i type an email comes in
to advise a delivery date

i cleaned the post box yesterday
up by the gate

no one comes in no more

you know james I always fancied one
of those hot water geysers for the kitchen

over the sink


walked as usual

it was not deep here

and some still falling


i knew the others were in bed
and I wished them so

this was a new experience
brought on with isolation

walked to the main road only
usually much further

with practicality

turned myself about
to head for home

it seems we always wish
to come back home


on another note
we had talked early
about our buying habits now

while she bought blades
i purchased a variety of

i took of photograph of hengrwt