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.date stamp.

they say he fell & cut his head

in the bathroom

when she arrived there was a number

written on the plaster

on his forehead

the date he fell

.black bag.


i am a bin man & also a poet

some times


newton’s law & the strength of plastic

i drop the bag to test the theories


i am the driver & watch him

glad the bag did not break

wonder at his thoughtfulness & isolation

should i report him or let him be?

we are late already


i am the householder watching

i move forward smiling

pick up the bag

to help him

think it must be onerous employment


nice to be out of doors

will remember a tip come christmas



ordered my elbows

they came shiny

lovely at 45 degree angle

oh no

he said

these are the wrong ones

we need ninety degrees


now i have once again

ordered new elbows


my other joints are fine

thank you


lightly gently sweetly you touched my spine

your face no picture

slowly gradually eventually you killed me

one shot to the chest


it is healing

cared fully

with silver


.plastic whales.

last time i wrote of comics

that day we noticed plastic whales

while shopping. my daughter smiled

they were as i said. we gathered goods

wrapped mainly in plastic

the invention must have seemed a good idea at the time

news came a whale was dying off norway

with sympathy they shot it

ending quickly

the suffering

its stomach lined with

thirty bags of plastic

you see

oh the irony


the title got me thinking

we had comics on tuesdays and thursdays

from the middle shop up the hill

sometimes there was a whale

in the story with a picture

round grey with a fountain in it’s head

it’s tail akimbo later

i learned that they don’t look like that

really .

he said

real stars do not have points .

i guess i shall never see a whale

though some bones are over the door

in mallwyd church porch

up the road


a pattern of letters, ideas, or associations which assists in remembering something

so it does

we do

and test ourselves early

grey son perry

gay bion

no associated links



numbers repeating back wards