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The Office

I should have replied before, sometimes work takes over, I am preparing an installation for the castle.

At present my office is in the garden.

I will attach a photo, do not take it badly, as we all hope soon, you will be home.

It is warm and sunny, yet the breeze blows nicely, and I can see the mountain from here.

We had a lazy walk along the lane, dusty now in this heat. The dog is slow. I leaned at the bridge while she caught up.

I hope you have a decent view from your window. Do not worry about replying, unless you want.

I hope you are alright today, and that things improve.


maybe connections are missed the link dismissed. metaphors faint as my flimsy whispers symbols do you deny me peace? perhaps you utter the words constantly? look closely

or brush it regularly. talk about birth. stand during the rain fall. regard the chimney. take it off to return it. sometimes we need to commit a while, until we don’t no more

this is not a word i have used much recently, if i did it will be related to plants i expect. adjective. i may use plush in regard to velvet clothing, cloth, clothed. another adjective.

it could have been simple, days of sewing crosses. red. eight thiry till five. it could have been easy, yet there were issues of the electronic kind meaning wasting time with wires and connections

she suggested that i write a novel, when i noted that she walked briskly to the post box, dressed suitably. i do not copy plagiarise or write about my friends

.early summer.

we noticed it that day and found it omninous.

february 2019

the sea is quiet as we have never seen it

sun as hot as it gets

like summer

they gloried in it

the bathers

the media

we watched

while the ice melted.

.b cup.

live in a place of buttercups

line the road, yellow the edges.

it was a holiday sunday.

we talked about fridge magnets 

which came first and no use if integration applies.

we taked about the lad, a lace maker who maybe is

about 70 now.

and thought is pleasant that some are self sufficient outside

and in

and don’t get bored.

i sold gender based belts across the board

and said that all folk should wear bows on the socks

for happiness.

it is a troubled world, look good in it and mind the spelling.

bank holiday monday, we stay indoors here.


real jewellery

does not go down.

any more.

everyone wears

this stuff.

they have it in

oxford too,

and have you

got a pound