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.yew berries.

a tragic happening when

history and the day collide

each taking care of their own

as we should

darker hours are comfy now


the mind wanders

the third tree in the lane is bare


leaves scattered

while at the gate the pheasants

flew up whirring

i stood steady in wonder

watched the dark bleed

across the sky

watch birds scatter from the yew

note the fallen fruits

chilly yet i found

three logs warm the room


and lasts long enough

i hope your sister is well

.word search.

it is colder here and the news comes even colder
listened and changed to the music channel

seems it was some years ago i saw the glass opera live

memories reminded via my internet web, unnecessary

as curled round the past coils back into mind until tea
prompts the fingers into drawing it out
on screen

it is settled here now into the patterns and lines
i drew some time back and am now filling in the

it makes a muddled picture

some say i have not found my voice yet
as things keep changing
as the colours move

as the seasons roll round


my work on the decline and fall
was chosen
this week


.safety notes.

have not played chess for years

never found a partner

i think i work best alone

we have touched on this before

he mentioned a cross word

i told him of both my excitement

and failure

in this department it may

be best to stay from the edge

we are a little inland here

and feel it is safer overall

although i like to see the sea

hold on to the trees

she said that we all make mistakes

that it is best to know how to correct


not to mull over

get on with it

get over it

that was a long time ago

yet look i still remember

still mend things

glue and string

clues leave me restless

i told him of the music misunderstanding

he touched my hand


..the loosening..

it gets stuck


we need the time of loosening

first time the car warns of

the danger of ice

in september

as i reverse gracefully up the lane

it is a difficult manoeuvre best

done without thinking


after loosening

we gets stuck sometimes


some times it all comes at once

full on

then later

all goes quiet here and there

there may be a need to take more sandwiches

with butter to keep the energy up

i took a yoghurt only and came very hungry

and fueled up with peppermints in the


the note came by post

with no need to answer written

with pencil

in this eight day period

i will say the same to you

with typing

from monday to friday next week

there will maybe be no message

from me

clean laundry from you to

help the maids

here we call them housekeepers

while the customers regard

things their own way

and my lip is buttoned


window misted

bird on the ledge

..yellow hammer..

you may call them potato chips

in a packet all salty?

my house cat precious

likes mushrooms

a lot

raw and squidgy

she likes the leavings of salad

while the wild ones enjoy

out of date yogurt

from the bus yesterday i saw

a field of knapweed all gone


still beauty in the seed heads

the film was about a man who

saw beauty

about his mother abusive, manipulative

about my travelling to see it

about sitting with others

feeling differing things

opposing opinions

the film yesterday changed things

she said even small people can

change the world

i hope it is so

we are published now

yellow hammer

some still sit quietly at home

and let it drift

a few do not

.shorter grass.

it has come quietened here
september with children back
in school
tourists gone
roads are easier with those

who know the ways

the rock lorries continue
to the coast

to stop the sea
as if we can

kittens in corners
while i forget your numbers
imagine the cuteness, to touch…….

yesterday we ( he) cut the longer grass
rearranged the sculptures
while i swept leather leaves from under
the rhodedendrons

the day passed pleasantly
messages came from folk
to arrange the next adventures
to include donuts
with jam and sugar
and a need to wash after

as i write the sky lightens
to spite the rain threat

i look out to see
to get ready

three quarter tea left
luke warm
toe better
back better


you were awake so early
yesterday and
i hope that day went well
for you

the day in the city was splendid
around the docks & liverpool

we went up the eye, the big
wheel despite the wind & vertigo

felt the admin in the tate was splendid &
told her so

she comes to stay in garndolbenmaen
on holidays

a firm voice demanding that all body parts
were kept behind the lines & we did so
while others did not

we are safe & i hope you guys are

do you work on sundays
like i do?

warm, cosy
there is a storm outside
the knapweed is going