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.her bicycle.


using phrases like the enemy
it don’t go unnoticed here either

a negative use of language
instead of facts as you say

incitement and riot talking
found not guilty when tried

it is the modern way
to use adjectives that don’t apply

descriptions that come unnecessary
with double letters

and meanings

they talk in metaphors like me

they have a differing task, are not
magicians with a comma

moving on

i hope she will like a bike
and ride along with you

.four legged.

it came four legged

trouncing down the dark

no one was distressed here nor


one finds more fear in the doings

of men, their counterparts

fear of too much punctuation haunts


unlike the four leggeds


there are stars

there are no stars

so what is the true meaning


running in the dark

sorting in the rain things get wet

puddles form


a long dark road

two legged

.the meteor.

all so very space age or those films
about disasters and meteors
smashing into our crust
making holes
called craters


enough to give anyone
a nose bleed

we have his here in a jar labelled

sometimes it is anxiety
all that is going on around

it came so very cold
the bags were wet
and my hands hurt
like billy oh

did not drop off though
cos I huffed and puffed them

stay by the fire james
for now it is winter


day five brought two voices

one day

same segregation

a night of stars


sickly child and predetermined words

flicker from page to

flicking the power fails

while some follow the mass

others raise fist protest


nothing was ever promised

nothing ever came fair, an invented entitlement

where no one is entitled

we have one pause

a tadpole before the jumping frog

comes wet and creaking

we forget the punctuation

we look at the pictures



your time will come

i will wait politely here until the time
and hope predicted don’t change

no more

we wonder for the phone is like a
little tablet
the tablet just a big phone
with no phone and a torch

so an half an hour spent
on ebay looking at those

to light the way

you see
we think we have a future here

do you

.the car park.

the days come darker still

considering the night

white they peer

sadly into empathy

faces cloud

shoulders bowed

not so the beginning

look at it

look at it

no stars here no separation

the two become one


you see that your perception of things

is different from the others

hold it

hold it and you will find after time

some no longer see

today there is vacant parking at the church

.3. fairies.

it was one of those books

you know the sort you read over

something about a house

i seem to remember

one of the favourites

have the set up until then

and i expect she has written more


there is a boat house up cregennan

another down bontddu

making good photographs

good dreams


drama change to night terrors

when you cannot shift

the weight bearing down from hell or somewhere


hell is a story for control

for controversy

they come here spouting the belief yet

never ask for mine




have a nice star symbol on the forecast
six sided
and while I hear rain now
on the cat slide
know there will be no walk early

have tear drop symbols too
which is correct so a good
job done here yesterday

it would be no good today

cat howled as i put her out
she slept on the dining room
table again

all the telling that the uncut moquette
is most comfy
goes unheard

preferring dark wood

each day I wash and polish
hoping for a change in attitude

i have stories on the shelf
may write them one by one
some day


yesterday I verbalised some

the job sounds fine
out and about

he liked that
the freedom

.high hedges.

all came interesting yesterday
not the day before that just yesterday
morning mostly

friends since 65 perhaps
number of the year ago

then to dispel gathered energies
attacked the borders with a saw
and mallet

and the neighbour assisted
he a slight fellow too who brews
beer when the weather keeps him


enough done
the clearing


starts today

the phases planned ahead

i don’t go to town much now
we don’t need nothing that

cannot be delivered

.wild wood.

good to hear that all are delivered safely
all are back home

interior days
come as comfort

rain soaking the neighbourhood about

ash left as reminder

then I think of him tidying
forgetting time in the

down the lane the wild wood
comes naked
a world of it’s own
the rocks show hollow

and no one comes no more

i think this must be winter