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.coffee break.

i sit with my heels up on the chair rail

she says my feet are nice


we talk about the sandal marks

on otherwise brown toes

she wears flip flops


we reminisce over summer days

.careless widow challenge.

it is not my village
i have lost that one

it grew

too big


rooms full of plastic

instead of hard wood

ocean wave


i try to be anonymous

but am found out

how careless

they ask

‘did she lose her husband?’


“how will she be judged now”

labelled & worn

.date stamp.

they say he fell & cut his head

in the bathroom

when she arrived there was a number

written on the plaster

on his forehead

the date he fell

.black bag.


i am a bin man & also a poet

some times


newton’s law & the strength of plastic

i drop the bag to test the theories


i am the driver & watch him

glad the bag did not break

wonder at his thoughtfulness & isolation

should i report him or let him be?

we are late already


i am the householder watching

i move forward smiling

pick up the bag

to help him

think it must be onerous employment


nice to be out of doors

will remember a tip come christmas