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the visitor

storm predicted, wind swept,
the visitors came, to report
the leak was dripping
on the soap and mothth.

my bath room.

it has been a week of water,
seeping the cellar, blowing
the window wide, wreaking

the soap was laid gently,
a radiator, pears.

the mothth on a cottin flannel
to air.

they both dried, thanks
to my visitor.

I stayed home all day.



castle walls

you could say the air was sharp,

and clear as yesterday, or is it

your mind?

walk the garden, castle keep,

see the rabbit hole, and know too,

this can be wonder land.

she has a reputation.


take the photograph

take the photograph
of the photograph,
we have chinese whispers.

we have the closing of the
house soon, wonderland.

removing all things metal,
placing sweet chestnuts
in corners. the outside
paint so very shiny,

it has been a pleasant summer.



wonder land

the men burned the ground,

we went to wonderland , poloroid,

once more.

this time was longer, hours spent,

being there, seeing there.

the trees, the snow damage,

scarred the grass, recovering

with these children playing.

meanwhile the gardener seriously,

raked and mowed,buzzing as the bees,

past the faded boards

of poetry.

we walked and talked,

my work begins.

on return,

the men burned the ground.



upside down, in wonder land

maybe that is the right way up.

while all is quiet here with words
and drawing, single stones are multiplied.

we weave and play the stolen hours
into dawn, dusk, all the hours, birds sing.

people writhe and communicate,
some with silence and retribution.

there was a time, we went to wonderland.



it was a long winter

spring came, and i went to


finished work, drove the hill,

there before me, misted,

pink polaroid,

pointy trees,

i could not breathe

for wondering.

plas newydd, the house

of lady friends

who flew from family

to nest in looking


a world away.

breathe came,

all there was in the

whole world was this place


pin pointed, pinhole,

and mindfulness.