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with no snow here

there are no tracks

like you see


i notice scratchings

around the sprouting

bulbs and smile

it does not matter which i prefer

flowers or creatures for the choice

is not mine

there are also little holes

here and there .the hope

is all are snug

i too have a break soon

to be quiet

with company

talking is ok yet we let

too much free. things

we felt were precious and particular

and are judged thereby

when i said i do not care

what they think, i think

that is true

after all we mostly do not know

what they think anyhows, only

what they say

then that can be lies

we do not have coyotes


..the stag..

learned sadly that the neighbour

the other side of the village hunts with

dogs. the hounds are handsome yet he

said they stink, i wondered why he did not

bathe them

and thought that hunting innocent things should be a crime .


..the wren..

was invited to be a member
of a group named
around the world on social

media and find that many
are unuits
just like you

i have brought the tree
indoors then

went hunting the wren
and found it up by nannau

though had i sat quietly
by the house i will have
seen one there

perhaps i just wanted the exercise
with the air being clear and clean a

.the trees.

i am warm
i am fortunate

someone came last evening
rang the door bell

the battery is going & it

the doors were shut as were
the curtains

i hid
it was after the cut off

this time is mine

so today we have the solstice
we look back, we look forward

we think of all the work they have done
all they have achieved this year and am
proud of them


i feel my life is a dawdle
no fingers to the bone
no more

she asked where it all came from.

i do not know
i replied

yet i saw the trees brought inside as natural
and i wondered

.cold on tug hill.

i tap the block of ice to hope for a reply
to dread that you are inside


not by the fire thawing or in a warm bed


an icicle from your nose
drip down your pyjamas
traditional with stripes

in the holiday cottage
there are floral duvet covers
with frilled edges in abundance

i ask who is staying there, she says
contractors. i imagine them in fancy
flannel nighties and smile widely

of couse this is not true, just a thought
which stayed some time and folk
wondered at my happy countenance
not knowing i made it all myself

not so cold here and while the mill day
ends with fiddling locks in the black &
up over the mountains darkly, i find
that the next times we are let go early

then january break
to ponder our next move

while watching

here in my house we will
remain personally european.



i cannot help you with your dilemna
not being an engineer nor very
techinically minded

here as you know we have a burning
system with matches or plug in
electricals and

when things go wrong i fetch an expert

though i find you tube very helpful for
advice and obsessions

ahkenaten, ahkenaten repeated

i hope some day for that dvd
so ahknaten is repeated

sorry for your unexpected expense
maybe this too is a sign?

i forget how i finished before all
was lost

maybe simply to say at present
the focus is

and a few other things

remembering to say that i will
never win as am not part of
any race
so nor can i lose either

up already and plugged in

.the procession.

assumimg you are safe
i tell you about the villages
close by yet still over the

where the good grub is
for midwinter while men
buzz about hunting

while i disapprove
and eat the vegatables

where the man talks about
his toe endlessly as the other
word is rather complex & all
this with only one paid for cup
of tea

where the child lays low playing
and unscrewing the chair legs

where the night comes earlier
each day and pheasants walk

the lanes in procession. this
was a gathering
this was a confession

was not quite

.cashing up.

so we taps the till and tells it how they paid

sometimes we misses the correct tab while

smiling and chatting to the customer folk.

so on cashing up with the actual divisions

of card or cash

the till notes

our silly error and adjusts things accordingly

with the ups and down message. at the end

of the day i am too

weary to think of it, the logic.

one customer had that look about him.

i note and remember.

.aide memoire.

you said you wanted clarity

when it was there before you

black and white

& read

you mainly comment

like and share

when it is colour


remember this

this is layered
with much underneath

you may not like
that which may be

.your astonishing reply.

your astonishing reply
thank you

the day started with the usual anxiety
research, planning for all events when
in the end none of that occurred.


the day came saddened with news
that folk are struggling one way and
worried about heating. we talked
as you and i do about fuel and the
benefits of brands and differing shapes

i had a late fire after work and sat right
in front watching the flames,eating grape
nuts in thin milk. i need to go shopping

tv came sadly with a documentary
people losing their homes so i took
my depleted anxiety to bed with

a talking book. the weaver of raveloe

i cannot ever get to the end for sleep
comes over me

each time it plays i only gets to the
casting of lots

there is tired for you
there is a bedtime
story syndrome.