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.time travel.

i think i may like to travel to small places,

old and full of history. deep aged fabrics

stained with the words of time. to touch.


regrets come free.

free as rain on my face

to wash through to take it all away; better that way.

into rivers below.

one time in tidal flood

water came down muddy & high took the cattle away

blocked the bridge; we ran to see still in our pyjamas.

the boy came running to say the debris from the upper village

was on the way

to stand back.

we did


saw the water behind us.

retreated high up along the wall.

we named it the great storm & never remember the year.

some things are better swept away.


once upon a time…

only once?

she asked

yes once was enough & there is hope it will not be repeated over

the evil of it all

which time?

i am sure you remember…

prayers are spoken each hour

the bell rings

once upon a time..

only once?

she asked

no, it happens all the time when folk are kind all the time

it comes in layers like a trifle pudding

yet more important than a mere dessert

prayers were spoken each hour

the bell rang

once upon a time

.island monkeys.

island monkeys could not

go abroad

no boat

no plane no nothing

sadly they read books on other countries

with adventues, himalayas & ranuph fiennes


looking for ideas

researching kon tiki expedition

looked for something to float

& found a wheelbarrow

.the interesting person.

he had pockets of stones

so heavy his trousers


first i met him small & wet from the river

dry he wore the white dress

his hair curled damply down his back

we filmed him

we photographed him

he is taller now & remains

much the same


birds sing

fly by windows

whilst warmth wraps our souls

as wool and rugs

music plays my room with sunlight

wind lifts dust into charcoal clouds

birds sing

( the challenge? no ‘e’)


port glasgow.

there is an

old man’s club.


ship building.


jesus changes lives for good.