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.the ink stain.

the room has history
“write it” said Pat
i do not know the history
i feel the still shape of a wren
see the window wild wood beyond
i found the ink stain

.milton house.

we were told to call her auntie

though no relation of mine

at four we trooped reluctantly

into her roon where she kept

her budgie

told to sit cross legged on the floor

to eat one small piece of cake with


and never seconds

talk about feeling miserable

go on then or shall i tell you

all of it?

.foxy noses.

hope work was good
lots of washing done
and clean

does it get steamy?

remember the days
at milton house, the
laundry lady grumbling
showing me stains that
i did not wish to see

remember the other days
her stripping the childrens’
beds, a large dormitory
sheets mostly wet

as you can tell my day
was well
much talk of foxes and
learned sadly that the
neighbour the other side
of the village hunts them
with dogs

the hounds are handsome
yet he said they stink, i wondered
why he did not bathe them

and thought that hunting innocent
things was banned. i am told it is so,
that the dogs held back, the gun is


i like foxes
i like their little noses

the light in their eyes as they
ran in the field yesterday

he said the dogs are let loose
when fox is laying dead

i came home sadly
eyes mostly wet

..the wrong shed..

it was in the wrong shed

it may be the right postcode

but up the wrong track, the

one i talked about yesterday

only i was walking down

i do sometimes if going

for a walk

or avoiding the others

it was dark and even with

the emergency light could

not see

so texted the farmer and he

brought it up for me

he may make a sign noting

that his is the wrong shed


fortunate that i have the back exit..

goes out past the farmers house

his emergency light went on

reacting to my moving by

he was already up too

i draw keys a lot

listening to

rocket man


.the grey cat.


so my house keys are with my car keys
at the garage now
i have spares of course
in the house

which i used to lock up at night
this morning will not unlock
the door
not at all

so we goes out the back by y bryn
down the track, along the lane up
the hill

to outside the front
at which point the key works

wild cats waiting
there for food

glad to say the grey one is back
not been seen for a week or so

i keep spare keys at neighbours
not much use when we are
locked inside…

it is a funny time of year


yesterday starts my car and bang bang bang
gets out and the tyre is flat as flat

so the recovery comes and says heck
the spring has broke and gone through
the tyre and i cannot move it from here
with just my van

and my baby is due any day now
in time for the holidays so i shall

ring for help

help comes all in orange visibilty and
a confident air to take the car efficiently

how lucky i am it did not break on the road
yet by the gate where good things happen

with birds and visitors

later i imagine it happening while driving

reenacting verbally

there was a storm at eight when the tv signal
went off

early rain
to clear later
a mld and blustery day


i asked him about the building opposite with the tall chimney

he explained it was an old bath house, listed

bought up by wetherspoons, that i should go see


to make sure i spelled it right

i did both, read the information board

fellow travellers exited and asked if i were going in

for a drink

i explained that i was interested in the architecture

resulting in their anger that i was ‘one of those’……

ranting that ‘they‘ deemed that all should now be


& he a sheep farmer, retired


the buildings in london were cleaner than in the war

so no pollution then as dictated……

no climate change at all………………

did i then say i was vegetarian?

I did.

the next day they apologised to me and

then continued on their previous theme


i met him online

he worked with me

we worked together

we met off the train

as in film


fish ‘n chips in conwy

later he read his verse

i found i could recite it silently

beside him

there is now a deep silent sadness