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.the lady on the bus.

said her sister in law hoarded soaps

unused without the wrappers

and what good is that?

only good for sniffing

i reply.

the lady on the bus did not understand .

why would she?

we are all different, like differing things.

some like objects on our surfaces

to abbreviate or admire

while some come minimal.

it is a memory that

we used to ring bells together

in the town church

a couple of miles from here.

at first

she did not recognise me

as look older

as does she.

sister in law lived alone

maybe she liked the company of things

rather than the bellringer.

The Office

I should have replied before, sometimes work takes over, I am preparing an installation for the castle.

At present my office is in the garden.

I will attach a photo, do not take it badly, as we all hope soon, you will be home.

It is warm and sunny, yet the breeze blows nicely, and I can see the mountain from here.

We had a lazy walk along the lane, dusty now in this heat. The dog is slow. I leaned at the bridge while she caught up.

I hope you have a decent view from your window. Do not worry about replying, unless you want.

I hope you are alright today, and that things improve.

.it rains.

slightly damp

my back.

got to snipping in the garden

feel the rain, continue cutting.

watch the snail, see the wet earth

where the nuts are uncovered now.

last year’s hoard.

he said it only takes one line to start

and i agree.


if i were you, she said.

i would not do that.


no one can be me, except me


I shall do

as i choose

with all the consequences


the spelling difficulties.


why even discuss such an impossibilty.

some of us stays quiet.

i say again.


maybe connections are missed the link dismissed. metaphors faint as my flimsy whispers symbols do you deny me peace? perhaps you utter the words constantly? look closely

or brush it regularly. talk about birth. stand during the rain fall. regard the chimney. take it off to return it. sometimes we need to commit a while, until we don’t no more

this is not a word i have used much recently, if i did it will be related to plants i expect. adjective. i may use plush in regard to velvet clothing, cloth, clothed. another adjective.

it could have been simple, days of sewing crosses. red. eight thiry till five. it could have been easy, yet there were issues of the electronic kind meaning wasting time with wires and connections

she suggested that i write a novel, when i noted that she walked briskly to the post box, dressed suitably. i do not copy plagiarise or write about my friends

.the flags will find you.

avoid them if you can, use other roads

then one day

the flags will find you.

turn & there

before you, before you

the flags have found you.

yellow, nodding, reminding.

the flags have found me.


i saw you laying on the sand, winded. no heart marks left.

i ask if you will die in the sun so strong.

you did not answer. the tide was out.

it did not feel hot yesterday,

windy maybe and i got burned.

i watched the sea swell

and ebb.

i returned you had not moved, sand stuck, flies came.

i could no longer see through you

you beauty.

later that day an adder passed by on the path.