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.then there was machester.

maybe in the fifth visit i met him

in the city in the thrift shop


from nine maybe till six or five thirty

several buttons and an open face


adorned with patterns

he opened easily

recognised we are not robots

despite the badges

it is colourful in the city

she mentioned it in suprise

immediately apologised

notice i talk more about people than

the architecture though that was appreciated

and wrote of it especially

do you know i watched the pigeon paddle

the parakeets flying


over the road carefully minding the trams

the tram lines

tripping gently forward

we found our way together

in manchester the fifth time

..little city..

little place

we did not live there really

only in heart in memory

power house

god of clattering birds

hills and history

a place to look at cows

look at

clean houses


coffee small cakes

pot jam

trusted patrons

we need to concentrate on detail

to describe things properly

need to

go there each year a while

to retain to remain in memory

need to

care for little things

st david

may be a myth a memory

he carved it so

said it was the centre of the universe

for some it is



st davids

the city is in wales

.an italianate village.

portmeirion with friends

i sit up better to type
see it is raining softly
this morning

an inspiration
from sir william clough ellis

he wore yellow wool socks
with breeches

over here suspenders are what
ladies wore to hold up stockings

i assume yours are braces
to hold up trousers, to
despite gravity?

his imagined village
come real. my friend lives
nearby, a tenant

three of us with village
transport laughed
played all day

maybe as my walk is cancelled
i will write of it here

i feel i need to address each point

a must try harder
note coming into mind

good girls apparently were
awarded a red girdle back
in those days

a belt
not suspenders


currant bun for breakfast
went shopping

.a bientot.

a brief note

as i am off out today

on a jolly after

my refuge yesterday

i feel i could spend more time

on detail here focussing on

each point to talk over yet

we talk the way we talk

without rules and ceremony

no pressures

so we carry on, carry on

glad of your early day

glad for your shoes

yet miss your joy of riding free

your words on flowers and skunks

a change is coming this way and that


gotta be gone in one hour

bathed & fed

a bientot

.dust up.

it is bank holiday here

i am hiding

i am later

planned in advance

yet come with guilt my

justification is that the

work has been lengthy

the learning

with no real end result

sometimes a dust up

clears the decks and

all settles back nicely

with a new bravado

new understandings come

and once again once again

we learn

i find it quite hard

to unlearn

yet we must we must

for some lessons were not true

our mothers maybe were wrong

or misguided

they were a different tribe

you say nice things

i will suck the juice from those phrases

to keep some confidence

she said to identify the things

you dislike

of yourself

one to hundred? i replied

i like that you said

scattering the ashes

claiming our place

is it a big hotel, posh?

i will make a clean bed next

and think of you down in

the laundry room

taken a new meaning here

the metaphor.


gwil already

gone on his


i heard him

.the laundry room.

i thank you
for writing about the dilemna
for explaining it all

the picture of linen to the ceiling
the word soiled

the explaination of how you are
is honest

i hope things are much improved
no need for that word

on the boat last week
the commentator used the word
discharged maybe five times
in regard to cargo

another twitch here

words have power
make me itch
a bit

it is good to know ourselves
it helps us manage

i guess the summer is coming
to a change

quiet so far
tourists gather here
the holiday weekend


i am sorry to hear of your day
if you able
the detail
i can listen
a new day
goldfinches on seeding knapweed
simple things

i was to cut it down soon
now i shall not

they balance so sweetly
eating the seed

yesterday was charming
i looked at the trees with clover
i looked at the garden

i will go again
another day

late summer

about friends

.young love.

yes it was bournemouth

another place
another life

i loved julian st pierre
it was difficult those days

we thought

not knowing
the future

now the forests burn

i go early to montgomery
a free ride

home tomorrow
being bank holiday, i hide