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she had the one/ now i own it

i have many it is a thing

she said that they invented one

along with numerals & sandals

i think there is a gregorian all

out of date and chanting


you can’t strain vegetables with those

nor can julian


.step back.

i knew you a while


i did not know you

on eating you snapped

at her/ i stepped back

you apologised later

on caring

you snapped

we stepped back some more

is it the programming?

we choose from the two


we step back a little further


.the poet.

. the poet .
the photographer,
the writer, and gatherer.

there you are,

i have been looking for you.

telling me of auschwitz.

a story of love,

until the bird hit the window,

and died.

lay there, the journey,

till we three,

the writer, the poet and me,

laid it gently,

covered its face.

and we moved on.