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she says they are nice pyjamas

comforting while

although she prefers air to circulate her lower parts

the winter nights require warmer wear

i agreed that pjs are the thing

and avoided talking about any


at all

bought a few things at 40p

and left

for the hairdressers


It is nice to see you here
in the thread. I feel there
are rare visitors.

We continue to dream, move stones
and occupy a darker room. All things
come clear with light and service.

I too sleep with worry and just
sometimes pleasantries come.


.go compare.

it is a four bedroom house

paid for.


comfortable, full of fancy.

she says they are hard up

need a new car for the dog

i left early saying my door was unlocked.

had tea

listened to the radio

an interview with the homeless

.big surprises.

.the drawing room.

slightly astonished at him using the word foreigners

he was surprised she was from finland ‘of all places’. spoke to her loudly


near as if she was deaf. she spoke another language


she spoke english.

a country gentleman indeed. surprised they came packaged this way

the exterior smart

the interior needs changing.

.the coffee shop.

they were trucked to siberia before the war, were starved


the british government moved them to africa ; brought them to

wales as the war ended


a polish village

over coffee she mentioned that although her family were safe

she felt that

‘we’ should not allow any more

refugees in over


i am still

sadly surprised


it is required that you can be mythical

wear red when you prefer green &

like coca cola

it is required that you listen to

other stories different to yours

& equally relevant

you are required to give us lots of things

all that we ask for & do not need

you are required only when we want you

you are just for christmas


they come with bells, snow bits & pretty bonnets

this time of year brings changes


a leonardo collective


it seems so innocent


look, though

there are implants in his hands

the days are numbered


an illustration of the boy


with implants in both hands

nothing moves


on the latter I concluded for myself that maybe best to do as we feel and think that is our choice to make.

we can give and think the person may be fake, or the other thought is that they may not be ….



lay as dead did not speak nor ask for fear

lay quiet did not write nor tell there were

new shoes by the wardrobe at an angle


did not move nor participate in anyway

did not breathe nor cry there are new

shoes by the wardrobe new shoes


guilty always guilty

there was no charge

there was no trial

there were no photographs

no evidence no one talks of it no more

she no longer breathes

no more


suddenly a delivery of biscuits

pertaining to coffee

or tea. at the bar

real ale on


so i like the stories here and

mention them in passing


nice venue

.two items.

looked at it while writing distracting

while the pen ran out

studied it further

matt black brushed to cleanness

cavernous yawning quest

half mooned flowers dancing

all the while while

twinned atop currently

turn of the century


shell rimmed

comely dark

a good reproduction

in reduction

salvage hunter