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..the photograph..

good to hear that all went well

and that all is ready

i miss my neighbours truck

parked out back

he is awaiting a part

so uses a tractor now

reverses it way back up the lane

dislodging stones in the wall and track

grooving the ground

i get more grip while walking up
tried running it yesterday

for fun


at the sight of me

stopped at the slow worm
cut short by the tail

quickly gone

googled running and found I did it right

and am in the thirty percent

he has a bike too in the cellar
and a motorbike kept over the way
at his cousins

there is a good family likeness

.second hand bike.

a quick run down on the day

is that all are temporary measures
temporary structures
and collage

so we can move things about

change things as we like

it gives a freedom

you know about the bike
yet do you know about the perfect red?

i mentioned yours in relation to this

the rose is propped against it’s dangling

the stones are placed ready

i have a plan that leaves me scared and thrilled

and even that I know
will fade

like a skin transfer

when we were kids we got those leaves
pressed to skin

when rubbed left a mark

a while

sometimes while walking i note the aroma

in the air

.party dress.

yesterday lunchtime time this wind blew in
across the mountain

i watched

stood barefoot
heard the thunder

others waited

it came and he saw the lightning hit

not too severe. elsewhere

there was flooding

we had talked about my cousin and
her dresses I was given, to be taken

away by mum who said they did not suit

he said I could have some now made for me especially


all that was bashed out of me
so I am not that girl no more

all new and unknowing

am not sure of the word innocent

nor like words elderly and the other one


i bought a second hand bike yesterday
via facebook marketplace . my hair is


and I don’t care

..the jug..

white with red is cool and dramatic

he came by yesterday
his tyres were fat and I smiled

she said they were purposed for snowy terrain

there was none of that here

it was hot

and the birds sang different

i feel

or is it the space

feels special

things start to relate
what needs to be done next

and now I listen

my brother phoned
the one who refuses to talk of the past

talked of the past as always again

talked of days out with granny and why

her strictures ?

suddenly I understood

she was scared too.

my granny


proved hot yesterday

by the time I had walked and cut the grass
i came very damp

changed into thin cotton
pale blue with flowers
of summer

and drew quietly

my thing

while she also
at her house
drew pastel clouds

i sent photographs
for inspiration yet

continued to draw

the brave creature

seemed a long languid day
full of tidyness and thought

things bit. left red bumps
tried my hair back and stared
in the mirror james at all

that has happened.

..the window cleaner..

noticed a change in colour
of pace

he walked with his bike
most folk ride

it used to be a railway line
flat and straight

he returned back past me
said he forgot something

further down the track
the bike was propped
by a tree waiting


sparrows muddled in the dust

cattle reached for the lower


leaves are changing

and there is mistletoe
on one branch

the runners came after seven
lithe and nimble
smart headphones

pony tails bobbing

i walked on and saw a young heron

it rose. flew through the trees.

agnus dei

you tube music


to talk of dead folk

i was quietly drawing
at the old table and as

one can, I felt someone

behind me on the work

i turned
as it skittered away
with its prize to chew


the last of my dead
mummifieds is gone

eaten as before

i am drawing some odd

stuff these days. meanwhile

my mobile still makes capitals
so I changes that

the breeze comes through the

while down by the hedge I get


seems that I was mistaken

never mind

it comes a darker green

with mists

rowan berries reminding

of those other ways

days of hope

hope there still is

find we enjoy the one thing
then the next as much

my mind travels to meifod
to lampeter as you know

while writing this think that
many journeys are not applicable

this year

and is fine
we are much occupied here
with this and that

today I continue with plumbing



.clay pots.

have you a storm predicted
did I see signs on social media?

i have seen the little creature
though it usually comes out at night
rustling in the knapweed patch

as you know I built a little house
yet I am sure it remains empty

so I cleared the ash from the
garden fire. used the token for
clay pots

as it was my first trip for many months
took things easy

have seen family
visited the recycling

and packed away my public studio

i work here now

find it
suits me