slower morning here today. the radio plays.

dove grey overcast sky. heavy they say.

maybe rain?

all cooked out yesterday. i feel sad that the veg box contents may prove to much for me and there may be waste

i will compost if necessary or leave for small creatures

nice the bike thing worked, i remember stuff regarding brothers, bikes & cables resulting in greasy hands.

upside down bikes resting on saddle and handles

when i was a kid i was fascinated by one legged men cycling , the foot clamped to the pedal somehow

i had no idea. it was after the war
i had no idea. they stopped by a lamp post to get off, holding on

i had no idea

asters are garden flowers here and i never thought of them wild
until you said

my mother liked them and i am reminded

have pushed the window wide and see the back garden gone quite pretty

by chance most of the planting came varied shades of pink and all is long and wild

birds balance on the stems
birds eat the seeds i leave

i left the water heater on all night by forgetfulness
look forward to a deep bath

then later

walk over the hill to a friend who is clearing some stuff
i have permission to look in the skip and choose if i like

i hope
your day goes will

i have a wooden box for
little wings that came away