you were supposed to remind me.

i was out of the room & i remembered

by myself.

there are particular words

names and phrasing.

in town there is an rc church down the alley

with a statue of fatima.

i heard you coming looked up and saw the dark suit

black tie. you had studs on your heels for wear.

she had higher ones, rather large. it looked

difficult to walk.                           frayed feet.

then more came like beetles. i find no energy in


matt black.

on the bus.

there came a cloud of dust ahead.

slowing  the sweeper lorry


where the road is mended.

a sign warns us, there are no road



i fiddle with my earrings as we overtake.

turning into llanuwchllyn.

i wonder about the big house and admire

the vegetable gardens here.

llanuwchllyn. a village a community in gwynedd.