such good numbers today
such big birds at the window
rattling the morning

it has come clear after a period of rain
it has come about

that the shops can open on monday
that i can go to the recycling centre
with garden waste too wet to burn
with the tv that broke

i made an appointment

monday after the schools open
a relaxed idea, more social than

monday after that the self catering

i used to have the garden fire on
feels an important day of the week

these covid times

he came later
gave me the damp package left in
the old stove outside

i shall make it a lid tomorrow & maybe
a meeting place

what do you think james
not sure what i think any more

it is a good rock eh?
who knows what will come now
appear on paper

your bike james, maybe you are being tested
your patience and detemination

how many kittens
this time?