i envy you

here there were four


that time back

one died

another wandered off

got sent away to a rescue



recently another

my sweetheart

annoyed the people

over the village

rattled their door

dug up their veg


she told me

she will trap it too

send it away like

she did the other ones


some things come wild

we don’t own them

we can

leave them be


she was angry and unkind


i have not seen my sweetheart since

i miss her puzzled look


so moving on

things are now more ornate

in a rustic mode

me cutting thin slithers


so next i shall make wooden wheels

for something


the delivery man commented on my dance

i explained i was social distancing while he

told me only two in town have had it and

now got better


how would i know

i don’t get out much

these days


i explained i was preparing for longer

a second lockdown so he reminded

me we have not yet come out of the first


good point


i wonder what they are doing with the gravel james


the next guy delivered fruit, veg, pop and a little


which made me dizzy


another  day