it is a slow fire today
in the garden with a
lot of green stuff
smoking gently

unlike the holly
cuttings which exploded
with flame & fury needing
constant attendance

it may be a long job

some things are &
need a positive mind

with thought for others
up at dawn before them

all came quiet here yesterday
we worked in the garden making

we worked in the house making
while in the studio time stood still

i learned from him to let them chatter
to not to care nor reply
to change the subject kindly

some want to go on holidays
one wanted visitors
when she has them daily
except on sunday

down the lane

they had sunday dinner and wondering
why some folk eat different that day
googled and find it was to do with
church attendance

with meat james lots of meat

my mum made that with gravy
we did not go to church only
sunday school

with stories james
just stories

i do not have sunday dinner
i have dinner
on a sunday

i brought the outside ladder
back inside

smoky joe