joan is a strong one these days
and will defy any notion of that

we are in lockdown
so they cannot get her

not much anyways
there have been a couple
of incidents but now she

is in disguise
with different
more like a lady

they are in the lanes
on those strong branches
sitting alone, smiling much
like the cheshire cat did

those years back
not many can see

glad you can too

the bike comes out everyday
looks well in the yard
gets photographed

yet the post has not brought
my requirements
my repair kits

and maybe, and probably
i cannot fix it
so will look after it
admire it daily
unless it rains


he came again yesterday lovely
legally at his distance
more like the free days
before this current situation

and i have told her
that things will change

could be slowly
some of the seeds
come slowly
before they flower

ragged robins, campions come quick
look already

i never thought i could do such things