not just all about numbers
yet the miles you rode to see
your son sound many to me
who merely walks as yet

i take the car out once a week
just to test my eyesight as the
opticians are closed

i don’t drive far

how do you feel about your
job at the hotel
will you go back if it stays

when all has changed around us
when things feel more difficult or

maybe i should say challenging

i spoke to others yesterday about
banning the word coping as a negative
thing said with sympathy
head to one side

it feels a frail word and does not apply

i listen to the piano play and deal with changes

today the routine will come differing as i have holly
to burn and need to stay around

it crackles and spits like fireworks
as does the box hedging

strange to me that your ground beef
be hamburgers
when ham be pigs
and beef be cows

we wonder how that occurred

so i researched pandemics while
drawing and find they last a year or 2
mainly unless is black &
that  was such a long time back

we are rebalancing

vivaldi again