one could argue that it is to soon
for the damage to show
only people don’t listen

some like to think the things
that make them feel safe and justified

i saw him yesterday walking close

to a friend not from his household
he thinks we are all over reacting

some folks go into denial as part of their process
i know as i have done that too
at times

more seeds came and i told the farmer about the
but he did not know what they were
so i left one at his door later
so that he can identify

the walk was in the afternoon when the rain
no one was about except the man with the
wheelbarrow collecting wood
he goes everyday

there is a strap on the barrow to hold it
all in place

do you have to wear a helmet james?

we do over here as law i believe and
i have not got one, then, i am not going
anywhere on it yet.

we are encouraged and hoping soon
that e scooters will be valid

as i write i watch the woodpecker
enjoying the finial on my gate post

cat enjoyed the birds
and i found the body
under my bed

agatha christie

he said it was the field of

singing bells