how far is it to your son’s place
how many miles did you go?

looks like i am static this morning
with heavy rain

as you know i tried before
and it went through me
right through me

so i will rearrange maybe
create another pattern

i made a bike stand with a bit of hedge
cutting which seemed appropriate

i like to see the bike standing independant
not leaning on anything
not reliant on any one thing

i wiped it gently with a three in one
oily rag and watched it shine
sun on my back
memory at my side

i am sure there were special places in
my childhood bike to oil. i think it was

it was second hand
and i fell off

he told me he fell off down the lane
went right over down into the ditch
and i was sympathetic

until he said those things
regarding those over 85

avoiding this subject
for the future for i feel
all have value
have the right to breathe

maybe james
have a break from the news?

toay i shall clean the surfaces


with a damp cloth as things
gather dust while i work outside

admiring the bike
being black
and generally pleasing

the seeds are growing nicely
i do not know what some may
be as i found them in an envelope

not labelled at all


and are folks
getting touchy?