so good that you can travel far
visit your folks. my day will come

meanwhile likewise we watch the
birds, the creatures

she said that they were pests as we
watched them dancing branch to
other branch

they eat the bird’s nuts she said
then she said she had gone non
essential shopping for her snacks
and nuts


i burned the hedge rubbish
it took most of the day until
i only smelled of smoke
which i rather like anyway

how is your son?

did you ever see the film
of the guy that drove his lawn mower
miles to visit his ailing brother

maybe look it up?

i like the italic up there and glad
you told me the form of verse made
of scatterings and randoms that are us

and put it forth toward them
only one replied

i hope they do not think me brainy
for i am not
i just see connections

how one event does not happen alone
in isolation
or slow motion
like a film
with everything else scrubbed away


where will this all end
will we all be able to
breathe again?

the sky this morning came dramatic
turned the room pink

may hang the washing out early…..