they say a pet monkey got lost there

you can google most everything these


even susan dennett

raining here, i heard it in the night


now is darker


we were forewarned so we sould have

got ready

i did mostly

yet forgot some things

can’t remember everything

we write lists and notes in ciphers

then wonders about the meaning later

my mother had abbreviations on her

shopping lists back then

i can see them in my head

her writing

the size of paper

we ate pots

chump chops

drank tea

never coffee

that came later a new fangled thing

granny had camp which only meant

tents or drinks then

in remembrance will refer to the other

shortnesses later

i shall walk in the rain next

note the differences

anyway it were a lovely day yesterday

and not just the weather james

some folks want me to get usual

yet their guidelines are different to mine

and i am very settled

i am older now

one more time