when i write that number
note it is the same for all



seems to be some confusion
between paranoia
and common sense

the age of those that died
that elderly makes that

some confusion over what is
fact and race

in despair

i have sited the planks
stashed the chippings and have the
wood ready to saw
then store

i watch your news and see
the pity of it all, then i watch

ours the same

he asked me if i was new to
the area
i told him nigh on thirty years

his uncle grew golden rod
lived by the chapel, died a
few years ago

i thought him a quiet gentle man

so pleased about your bike and
maybe that is the way to go yet
have looked online for the bicycle
grant and find no application process

however have fresh fruit coming today
in time for lunch

am hoping for dates
yet they have been
out of stock

there was no time for drawing yesterday
no time for calm amongst the hedge
and strimming

it came later
with google
piano music

there is a roundabout in dorset
called monkey jump corner
and a place
called burnt house lane

toller porcorum

a plane flew over
the woodpecker