news came, we can now meet family if only 5 miles away
there is a thing, the gap is wider….

i had diaried the hedge to start it today yet on working
logisitics yesterday
starting swearing and verbally abusing the mass

missed the news and all sorts with cutting, pruning, hedging
and sweating

she came along
the local hedge police
and stood looking below


oh she wondered where the cuttings had come from

the hedge!

she stayed a while looking
i asked if she was ok
she said she was too hot

when i finished for the day
i looked over
she had lit her wood burner

we slept the night well
a new project here

the bicycle awaits

i drew trees too james
i like to draw each day
science says it changes
the brainwaves
and stuff

gradually things change
we move about and enjoy
the fine weather

the pear and elderflower cordial