a week ago i made my neighbour a tiny ladder
repayment for a kindness
left it by his door on the step

this morning it remains
where i placed it

perhaps he has not seen
it yet

or other things

thanks for your remote offer of help and support

the bike is free from storage & on the courtyard
washed and fiddled with
the pump is nowhere to be found
while the other one don’t fit

so except for a permitted trip to durham to buy one
i am buggered

the brakes is stuck
i need some oil

it will all wait a while

sat on it and maybe i shrunked

is been stored for 23 years
the other
the blue one i had since 17


so they look ferocious little fellers
guess we are all just trying to survive

i listened to a podcast and even that
virus thing needs the same and would
have learned more if i had not fell to


i just fell to sleep
from all the tasks
& emotions of

another day
staying at home

on my own

walking i have found a house
that stands alone with a proper
garden with chickens you know
rather wild and rambling

i like the position yet know i belong
here, love it here. will hide away today

no drive anywhere to test my eyesight

steady like