oh james i have done that thing again
wishing for something i may already have

my old bike is in the outbuilding left there
some time
i have a bicycle repair kit


i like to collect them

i understand there may be some grant soon
for fixing

i know how to oil as my brothers showed me
fastidiously and bossy

and something with spoons to remove the tyres

to balance it upside down on the handlebars

and saddle

what is to lose and it may be fun as the other

jobs have been here

oh dear you should of heard me yesterday
when he remarked
in surprise

you can dig a pond!
you can saw wood!

i replied i can as i am a person too

i did not add that in his mind i may not do them well
in my mind it works
for me

i gave him a bucket of stones

yesterday i made the hedgehog house with pallette
wood and twigs of course

the twigs that is

it kind of sorted itself out
now in comfort i will unpick
it to form it in a more controlled manner

my brother suggests i take the bike to durham
to be fixed as that may now be permissable

i think it is more fun just to stay at home james