waiting in the lower garden

for the groceries to come

cold so hood up thinking

looking at the mountain

looked round and there

he was visiting at a good


laughing for me

i gave my sympathy for his loss

he said other relatives went this way

and good job he found her


he talked about folk in town

how the hospital is full of them

i knew nothing

been in for weeks

and those i see

talk about other

stuff like me

here we have at least

another few weeks


and the promise of furlough

until october if necessary

i like that word

i had burned all the stuff

and thought of you that

you can’t

i drew and made another ladder

one a day, sat on the grass among

the wild flowers

felt quite happy

then guilty for feeling

so with all that abounds

but i could not help it

i shall try sitting low again today


the sun came on me warm and

i understand your excitement

i share it with you