one project is comimg along nicely down the garden

ripping the ivy off the pigsty hair tied up from the dirt

eyeing the next task, preparing the mind on
one step at a time

so far we have come

me with that and the outside lav
her with a scullery
very retro chic yet
maybe is just that we have old houses


i diary tasks then let them stew so
ideas come for the doing

they call it logistics i think that sounds like maths

you possibly say math all singular james

the news came yesterday and she saw it live
while i was working

it hit me at two thirty that we get more freedom
to excercise from monday, more than once a

it hit me

thought i had been fine with it all
then the delight hit me hard………..

real hard james
so have diaried
that for monday
two walks

that diary
if you could see it
lists and tasks

numbers and notes

thoughts of the future
how things may change

may have to change james

twig ladder




( he is a famous scuptor
lives in blaenau
i visited
eyed the ladders he made

how much are they?

how much !!

years later, years i tell thee

i plan to make one
myself )