it were a lovely day yesterday & yes
i mean the weather & though out freaking
early so were the others

she was having tea by the door we smiled
and waved

the farmer came his dog balanced on the feed bag
at the back

was that yesterday or another, the days merge
& i find it quite lovely

the duck was a teal with seven little ones
the real ducks were a flying formation
one left alone trying to catch up

planes flew over in clean air
i looked up

i looked at the picture perfect robin
perching cute on items of its choice

while each of the bird houses are
occupied while the corvid attacks
the plastic one bought for fun

each day, each day is nearly the same

while i like it
he thought
i may be depressed
what do you think james

i often get things wrong too
that is why i do not believe
what i thinks
no more

all in lower case
1=0 = 1