..day 52..

i left your name in once

in error

and she was so intrigued

i some times leave it there

some more

you may have noticed


as you noticed the soap affair
started early probably when


bought a new one


look at the wrapper

look at the  image on the top

look a little baby walking

look a crown


will you like the wrapper for the smell

and the white paper underneath to draw



will you like to go to woolworths to look

at the soap and buy one for granny for

her birthday

she likes ashes of roses you know


round which makes it feel special

when our everyday is blocks

of yellow or green

yellow for our face and hands

green to wash the clothes

moving the stains


for the bathroom we had breeze

as i said before and the name is

a wonder and i cannot buy it now


those that have given me soap in boxes

i still have it for i am not worthy enough

to spoil it

only to treasure it



quite clean