day 51.

i told him that i think of him between
vanner farm and the wild garlic every
morning now
message him

i can walk the whole hill to hafod fach
round the corner and on by the farm
yard without stopping now

when before all this i could not

i can go draw here every single day
whatever i like

when before i did not

a bit a gardening i enjoy as does the robin
when before there was not a lot

my cupboards are tidy, orderly
before they were not

i found soaps kept in tins after the mouse
had chewed

now in the studio for the corona

i guess there has always been a thing around soap
it has always had importance, the names

breeze, fairy , sunlight showing my age
those with emblem of ownership
chucked out from the office years


i am finding the paris soap lathers lovely

yves st laurent


worth each penny