Monthly Archives: May 2022

.living alone.

did not tell no one,

that while out walking

thinking of you in ukraine

my feet tangled in debris and i fell flat.

my mind is broken yet my phone and glasses
remain intact

my knee bled. my hands to save me

scabbed. limped back to you.

you who bandaged

& fed me sweet things.

will continue to think of you in ukraine, to walk alone in solidarity.


having learned , the days  will come longer soon. the sounds


once the day is dawn, the door is open, face the sky, all

comes well some days.

some days it does not, yet it still comes light. the falling

days end.


just stand and watch the season change, note the dew and separate ideas.  

remember that you stand alone. are not alone from                                                  criticism and contradiction.

.bread ends.


it is decided after talking to the bear
and eating bread ends
that indeed you may take
what you wish as it is
not only ours

we want to help too
all of us one human heart

the bear noted it is a little
in these circumstances


hopefully the bear may sleep a while