Monthly Archives: April 2022


most mornings early before you were up or about we crept there with thoughts

to make little things of words, tiny secrets, never written out fully for that won’t do

one morning something crept sideways and we came out to look and what surrounded us

read the words and worried a week

then sadly we crept away….


was cool there,
we learned about protection,
quiet spaces.

there is an hierarchy, yet
some words remain faultless.

some need to be remembered

numbers came suddenly soon after one.


painting everything white.

geese flew over.

the day moved slowly, and i find

the memories are not as you may think.

i have new ones.


the fall is abrupt and possibly dramatic

related to weight & gravity

like a

black ink line ruled sharply down

ending with an abrupt grand splatter

.more spots.

it has beautiful spots james

while i like any pattern that includes spots
and any embellishment that is bows you

i don’t know why
only as i say that
i think i may do

i guess that is a story for another morning


they talk about the news

current affairs

and i wonder if it is their anger

that keeps them going james

while i drink tea and look at birds



the coffee affair with pods and seasons is recordable
into a small book, a journal of morning feelings while

i use a spoon for instant gratification . the modern
is much improved on the old ways