Monthly Archives: February 2022

.green grass.

lawns are a thing
i watched the history
been to a museum in southport

pretty place that for a town
with council gardening you know
all neat and patterns with orange

.the requested photographs.

thankyou for trying


i shall be content with imagination

usually copy and paste my images

for the forum

so it is midwinter and though busy

am enjoying this moment

in this shortest day

the air is clear and cold

on my skin

sun shines
yet the day has not warmed

stove is lit and the candles are ready
for a quiet reflective evening

while after reading an article on flight

from fear

know how fortunate i am

.letter to james continues.

.a happy picture of you indeed all balaclava’d and goggled dashing forth.

.maybe i will get a photograph?

.it has been dry and clear enough to be busy out of doors and there was not time to write because of it.

.i am about to reorganise the kinding store

having tidied the upper room of the outbuilding already and deleted imcorrect predicted commas here.

.washing is out and blowy while pandemic ensues.

.dark houses.

small thing ragged who knows all of it pieces torn away

work along the coast with thread and diligence

gather wools layer carefully

we shall have warmth this winter

wind blows around our houses

water seeps

.the new balaclava

good to hear back from you yet sorry to hear about the difficulties.

.i were doing well with transport, using the buses and walking about.

.now we have the omicron creature here guess my leisure bus rides will be curtailed, essential travel only.

.it were a pleasant interlude encouraged by the grandson and another seasoned traveller.

.so we move forward differently once again.

.while you and remain in mind.

.you with a balaclava now!