Monthly Archives: January 2022


nice to see you here

i see it was yesterday though I mainly check by in the morning

sometimes you know
i have no clue as to what
is occurring

or over there

find it challenging

and disappear

.black birdy.

small thing ragged who knows all of it

pieces torn away

work along the coast with thread and diligence

gather wools

layer carefully we shall have warmth this winter


they did not know she had millions, neither did she. just collected one item at a time, cared fully for each one of them. catalogued in eternally.

words affect us deeply. voices come and go. while the worlds spins with people’s chaos and confusion. yet. above the noise of the day they show me birds and insects did you know they cross their fragile legs?


we have new bird boxes up
ready for the spring
meanwhile autumn comes gentle

one breath of leaves across the way

it is a tiny garden out back
overlooking the grave yard

where the men mowed the grass
stopping a while
leaning on rakes

watching the weather