Monthly Archives: November 2021

.chris whitty.

it is said that chris whitty looks serious always

so on checking find


uk government chief scientific adviser

sounds pretty serious that
as does covid

not much cause for tap dancing and merriment


it is said there are worries over the children’s vaccine for the disease is a viral virus

yet they agreed  the mmr injection

for the measles virus
the mumps virus
rubella virus


poliomyelitis is viral and difficult to spell

then diphtheria is a bacteria and rhymes



.rhubarb and apple.

have thought a lot about your pasty while out walking in the rain

wondered on the pastry whether it were puff or flaky

or even traditional short like me

whatever the casing  it sure sounds a tasty pasty…. 


ragged poem because it’s not focused. the concept is lost in the wrapping.

liking rags
i move on
with differing

the trial by glass


well indeed, what a pretty picture except maybe the trilby hat.

i imagine them to be blue and green you know.

we went into town yesterday and wanted cake.

quite a kerfuffle at the hotel as i asked for the menu  to look at cake so we were sat in the luncheon area which of course was incorrect especially as they had no cake

not even a teabun


there is news from the village

some is good and all there is tidy.

while some comes shocking and hard

to bear


fighting the predictions

.montgomery chips.

intended on a sandwich maybe from the convenience store with the metal cafe seating outside

had noticed the chip shop and remembered that those and fish shops would be closed on mondays as no fishing on sundays then

now we are overfishing, killing those that live at sea

then see

it was open

chose small chips with salt and vinegar to taste while he enquired if i was on holiday

brightened up when i mentioned the bus from dolgellau

i had cash for him as required hidden from myself in the unaccustomed bag

sat carefully on a town bench and ate all the tiny crunchy bits and crumbs of fried batter from the edge indispersed with fatter juicy ones which sagged and dripped goo nicely

fortunately found a fairly clean cotton handkerchief in my jacket pocket for wiping face and fingers

could not eat them all

despite the small

portion and wrapped back up for later

my jacket is green with three quarter sleeves and have had it a while now

it was after that i found the marked robber’s grave in the church yard

.montgomery three.

when i was a kid we had a neighbour, mrs hargreaves who had a phone and a visiting dog. jip.

not many had phones then and we would go across the main road to the call box

or use hers in an emergency only

any way the dog was homely looking

with no fashions then in breed except perhaps the pekingnese

wandering the backstreets of this small town came to the football pitch by the allotments

getting on to lunch time it was

spoke to a lady with her dog a corgi/jack russell cross and talked in admiration

she thanked me and explained that he liked a walk before they went to bed and i wondered

then made my way back into town

where a cat was sitting in the road

.montgomery two.

student of timetables


now with a free pass to most places

the official times

saved to my phone and noted on paper in my back pocket , nearly lost in the chip shop that only accepts cash

it fell yet we saw it and retrieved

1.28 pm the bus home so we gets there real early and waits

by the walker

he had trecked from forden the three miles up and down

used to the flatness of portsmouth wanted a ride back yet nothing forthcoming limped his return

1.50 pm with no bus arrived the timetable lady was contacted and she explained the bus was due at 2.30 pm that my internet were wrong and no one was bothered what it said at bus stops

on her say so

nipped round to the toilets then waited patiently to 2.30 when a bus arrived going the wrong way

spoke to the timetable lady who admitted being wrong that the 1.30 came in late possibly while i was in the toilets

the next correct and last bus now 3.30 pm

i wondered what to do if that one did not arrive and secured an unnecessary plan

fortunate to afford

when safely aboard thought of those recently waiting at airports to escape

my small adventure was as nothing

sat on the town hall steps in the late september sun

.montgomery one.

thankyou for the prompt, the questions.

some times there is no answer, no words to describe.

yesterday i went alone to hold those feelings private

there was joy in the small things

chips from the shop the first for two years

ate in the sun under the particular trees

the absence of red soap and the joy of seeing the garden again, the galvanised cold frames

and wondering why only eight of her children were carved in the church recess when she bore ten

yet I tell you this

it were a lovely day with new surprises

and confirmation that I never wish to win