Monthly Archives: October 2021


we here hope things there

are more settled than yesterday

yesterday in trying to say the right things

whilst also saying things


possibly uttered the wrong things

wishing you well while realising that it is not at all well

.my house is on fire.

there is a need to say the the house is on fire again


and that theirs is on fire more


while it seems that no one is listening nor uploading stuff to social media


nor there


was mentioned that people turn it back to themselves

tried it and found it so

that or not showing care
for the deep ness of it all

maybe i shall not go to dunster again

after all

and shall miss it



will miss you…..

.note. i never did pronounce dulverton as dulverton…

.the travel show.

stood there at the big house with the designer dog
each other and grandchild

add their two cars,  mobile home
sheds for bikes, scooter, kayak and other paraphernalia and vast corporate gardens

returned from the holiday abroad
asked if they enjoyed it

moaned vehemently on the price
of their covid tests


.delivery days.

another way of being

a different way to go

sometimes our house is in fire

yet we think there is reversing in the lane

turn to find the pepperoni has burned

yet nothing is damaged


the goods are delivered

and the bird is safe