Monthly Archives: September 2021


hope all is well today at yours?

the graveyard is cut, the flowers down and gone to the compost

We have changed from yellow and white to green


it will grow

and they wonder over  the need for control

any how it is my sunday off again  yet I must stop  saying that for I do not work no more

hope your day comes interesting

.little garden.

little garden
with a pleasant lack
of human control

a small garden with a
backdrop of the estuary
and signal box

a special garden made
with nature and a loving hand

thankyou nature man

.the meeting.

finding time to write the blog


soft morning


that meeting folk not seen a year or more


pre covid

commented how good they looked

for indeed they did

all pretty

noted their clothes verbally

with attractive adjectives

complements become the new hugging

pausing for their response

heard nothing.

perhaps my mother was correct in her opinion

here they are presently cutting the graveyard grass


normal is what you know . normal is what your family is.

and then you learn different

learn different things

that others consider normal

later you make your own normal


your own family

.yesterday’s notes.

normal is what you know . normal is what your family is.

my busy day concluded with ann boleyn being decapitated

with a sword

started off with the panel over the airing cupboard detaching itself and the freezer door refusing to close.

although wearing sandals much chipping of ice ensued until the out building resembled the arctic sea.

then ann and i walked down to arthur’s stone. the best bit.

back home to much planting and hiding.

it is nuts out there so am staying home today

ten more minutes of the interview watched.

.with punctuation.


mist and greyness alongside a nice breeze through the window brings joy

builder is getting on fine and though the roof is mended it looks just the same only tidy

there is

one particular tile that looks quite divine.

i will hang out the window sometime to take a photograph for you

the interview felt dull, yet I will persist. 

with punctuation

.some days.

some of those days come so special
we hold them in our heart

private for fear others will not understand

for each one of us
has differing delights
tailored it seems

i have such stories
and though I write here and there

those special moments
are not spoken if

for fear
of breaking the magic.

i have learned.


that was good to hear that you had company in the garden yesterday, that he visited.

all was good for me and to say the book stayed in the bag all day.

it was refreshing to be with those on the same wavelength – a relief from the other world.

the garden was beautiful, they have such a talent with planting .

today the roofers return and I go to the rubbish dump early.


there was no message from you yesterday

perhaps you went visiting like me

perhaps you went over the back amongst the slate

and bright green ferns growing new

along the track we always use when I am there

down the slope that scared  me
and my hand was held kindly

we looked in the camp
the clues then moved on

there was a beetle and passers by
who made space

and the recommended book
was never opened

perhaps you did something like that too?