Monthly Archives: September 2021

.mansel davies.

it is a complex thing
to work out the best

thing to do
way to be

sometimes is best to do nothing
wait and see
let it be

some mornings the air feels clearer
than others

across the village  a dove turtles  and coos
while lorries pass on the bridge


days left,

three voices

rise, until just one is heard

there is always something
which is often nothing

to worry about

stressing over imagined happenings
which don’t  occur

she came worried about monkey pox
so made her ordinary  tea

the next day I travelled  up
walked the streets and saw

the stories there
for a change

the voices rise

.summer house

the summer house is gone

destroyed some years back now due to health and safety fears from the new owner

who was opening the house back up for holidays

i suggested that i could relocate it

yet they burned it, the pretty thing with all the imagined memories

i have a modern one gone faded now

then i wonder if she wanted to see my brother instead