Monthly Archives: August 2021

.pied fly catcher.

there was no message from yesterday

perhaps you sat out on the sun like me

went down among the fruit trees
with shade and softer breezes

a different aspect

it was good to have the windows
the doors open
air circulating

the feel on my neck as the wind touched
lifted the hair

and a bee flew close .

over there in the hills the cuckoo called

yet I did not see my new little bird
not at all, not all day yesterday


whereas I am not fond, preferring the wild ones

tulips grouped in the borders will be interesting for you next year and something to look forward to.

yes much gardening all round yesterday I feel and more coming on today…

.the dip.


despite the dip things are now more cheery

having followed some of the remedy

you know
the bear is settled same position all night

pillow quite immaculate

it is a tidy bed

all clean linen yesterday
with laundry markings

from before the illness


now it is washed at home with no mixing

now there is time and thoughtfulness
now there is time to read on the terrace

to look up and watch the sheets blow

you know
one can tell it is dry

by appearance


some days come like that
despite all the free talking
the fixing things

it happened in one moment
reflecting the rain
and that other thing

that catches unawares

so we said to the bear

is been ok a while
now back talking to you

these things happen


good plan and hope things work out

one way or other

it has been known here to utilise
the power of thought and circumstance

to escape the box

and while you ride the rail bed
i walk the track for it is a differing


your vests are not ours
nor your tank tops

and while I wear neither
have the most magnificent

combinations in my collection
hanging on the bathroom door


she praised the sonnet remarked she did not fully understand though

i agree for neither do i understand why there are rules on how to convey a feeling, an idea

why there has to be a pattern
to follow

the words come easier with flow
yet it did come out different

i guess than usual and maybe
that is a thing

it took two days of dithering and rearranging

and hurt


should like to see that
do you have a photograph?

i have a drier and have noticed a touch of rust
and a clunky sound though

i don’t use it much with having the washing
line in the garden

and a clothes horse in the outbuilding
and the other thing above
the name forgotten

occasionally I will finish off a few things on
the little toy airer by the radiator

a gift from my friend jim who lives abroad now

he is a hairdresser

you know

.gob sonnet.

gob stuck painfully wide
rubber fingers probe inside

send your fourth child a
lone her gassed extraction
thinged traumatic, an insistence
on rhyme by past dictation

scared absolutely ,the bleeding
rules scraping, filling
pussed restrictions feeding
the lines gone wrong you see..

difficult teeth, poetic lines
line my painful mouth shouting
elizabeth, the bloody sonnet oh
farthingales a starchy ****ing


this can be an abbreviation it seems for the era according to predicted

unlike the clothing all starchy ruff and farthingales

nothing at all to do with dental hygiene

and I understand there were lots of rats about
for fat was used for a multitude of things
besides eating

anyhow we done the draft

then turned it round about

a few more hours fiddling
and it may suffice
with a double eff


this is what i was like at the beginning before all that happened which now is past

this is what I am like now , back to that beginning and maybe a differing shape outside