Monthly Archives: July 2021


he seemed surprised yesterday that i had completed the task

to ensure the proportions looked right for me

it is part of the job and if it is diaried must be done ticked off when finished

the sham crow bird was rearranged for it was too high  to look good

later in the studio the work that had continued the same so long made a change
with a sigh of relief 


.jim’s new bike.

one enjoys the names of colours here

would have liked a job in that department

ignoring the racist ones from the fifties

smiling at those from farrow and ball

heritage colours come dull

as lockdown hit here first

i painted my outsides in happy yellow
drawn by the name not just the colour

and oh that name come true
on opening jim

is fading now
yets remains as the description

a new bike
how joyful


maybe it is a code word
or pseudonym

i wonder each time I hear from you

and yes there we go with those assumptions  again

we all do it
have our own stories

unless we are told somehow

that is all we shall have


some places we have only passed through
and if the history were told we may understand it different

than reality

these slower times I find more exploration yet only of the now with patches of this and that to photograph

to lean and wonder

there is a mist in the valley and pink in the sky
the promise of a pretty day ahead


as always

.thinking it is tuesday.

on monday which was mayday bank holiday only may day was saturday with monday being the third already

i drew pictures on scraps left over from the other pictures i had cut round carefully

all day it rained hard, drumming

a little world here of characters and stories none of them famous nor commendable

it was mentioned that some people don’t know what whitsun is and he agreed and said

what is it then?


have a sort of family member
lives in texas you know

it is a long story
and though interesting
not to be written of
so maybe should not have mentioned it really

in my tiny world of work
do not write of family nor friends

and though I explained that he seemed paranoid
thought it was all about him
in abundance

need less to say that some of it is truth while the rest is imagination

as are the drawings


it is a junction

the old railway track

the road to the farm there

tidy and organised

they saw me coming, waited and said hello

said they were coming so we waited to see

them come running the quad bike behind herding

all excited and we laughed to see

the calves run out into the field the first time ever

with their mothers

.to love a dead tree.

the dead tree is gone now

cut down

branches scattered as it hit
solid ground

changing the view
it has not rained a long time
thought it did a bit last night

did I tell you about the sapling
now in view?

i miss the old thing
and think how nice to know

that i can love a dead tree


this is good
maybe this is what the time has been for
to clear

a reassessment

of stuff
our preferences

i have to tell you in all excitement the new pencil sharpener arrived yesterday

described as longer lasting and made my pencils pointy

the lines came fine
i told her and she
said she will like
one too
so it is in the post

she was given a bottle of jersey milk with an image of a cow imprinted and planned to make
rice pudding

with grated stuff to taste

i don’t  like milk puddings yet did not say so as not to spoil the story for her

i like liquorice


this word came, was forgotten & reappeared suddenly this morning

he is my aide memoir when mine does fail when we have troubles


he helps now & then between sleep or just sat looking

it is now a simpler life and these new interruptions come surprising