Monthly Archives: June 2021


a letter to you became my blog


a comment from you became a


a whisper from you came

a good idea

to stop those dreams and headaches

the moon came bright with yet another name

folk alter their clocks yet it changes nothing really

don’t think you have control

and don’t think it matters

as it really doesn’t

.the garden path.

Yes chilly and windy here yesterday.

Another exciting day in that the neighbours were having a tree felled and it was interesting to watch between tasks and warming up.

Ivor called to look at the greenhouse and left me to mull over ideas.

Then I started to define one of the paths with the gravel that was delivered. Did not rush as I will like it in a good place so hope to continue today.

Rang my brother, he is fine.

Then Pat Doorbar rang , also fine.

Not much on TV so listened to a podcast about space debris and drifted off.

With capitals and punctuation today. A treat.


so you wake and hear the sound

then change your plans

arrow the tasks forward

then check the website and do not amend

accept the substitutes or refunds

move the car up

open the gate carefully so it does not break


these are little things

some of you out there are suffering

and how can I help?

the bear sighs and turns over


difficult knowing what to say

or whether to say anything

so bear whispers in my head

regarding the injustices, the

things not said

that he is now on a fifty pound note and being praised years on and no one mentions that he was treated like shit


that those coming here in fear will be treated like shit


what happened to the mantra on the sociables

to be kind


bear is ashamed to be of this country

prefers a different tribe


you sent me seeds

it was your handwriting pleased me

your careful letter to advise patience

that most things happen in time

do you remember when i wrote to you

all in patterns and hints of a rhyme?

planted them five to a pot

some round the sides with one in the middle

then I finished the painting

.you ask for a menu.

you ask for the menu yet we do not know what you mean

please speak plain


you may have

giblet soup with sherry

scrag of mutton

faggot of burnet with parsley

the consistency of good cream

& fried breadcrumbs



a melange of blancemange, yet

we mostly make woollen cloth



a reflection, mirroring of last week

and we guess there will be much if it after

this time of soft living, little moving nor travelling


now we glitch with so much using

too much storage not to mention

my coaches


hear that salvage hunters were being filmed locally

and he commented


..the tree..

the tree came down wedged on the fence

they came and told me it was mine

that the wall was gone and that was mine


came all urgent and important

i went and helped as they said it was mine

later the tree man came to see

told me it was not my tree my wall at all

not my responsibility

maybe I will choose who I believe

the birds take over , like the tree at that angle

so I watch them

.diary notes.

seems maybe if it is written down

for tomorrow

in the diary

it gets done today

finalised with finesse tomorrow


the stick fence and composting

and other varied tasks

pottering in and out

did you see that river stone there

adding accent

do you see the chicken wire behind the ivy covered some time ago

do you find that predictor adds words not required and meanings irrelevant

even the thorns came useful

.the forum.

asked to write about food

a challenge you see

i too prefer it not a competition

never competitive me

don’t care about races nor nothing

like that

there seem to be three courses

yet I don’t understand the first

and probably will skip to the main so as to have room for pudding

maybe a spotted dick or something with thick cream and sugar

there seem to be a lot of competitions regarding food

and more seriously many hang ups

so let us keep it all light and fluffy

without contest

next we shall speak of gender