Monthly Archives: June 2021

.some things.

some things just stop us in wonder


with tears


it seems there may be some connection

some call it a trigger

some things leave us cold and wondering what all the excitement

is about

unlike the thing in cairo yesterday

obviously I have no photographs

.the menu.

I read the judgement just now and while ironing the cotton handkies consider my confession.

Some time back now I was in residence at Plas Newydd in Llangollen and read the lady’s diaries with an apostrophe.

They wrote their daily menus and so my entry included some of the found ideas. Yes, folk really ate that….and fish with liver sauces….

Thankyou for your pleasant comments. I have such sweaters. My two most comfy are….

The grey shapeless mohair over 50 years old bought second hand and other Nordic thing both warm and come gender fluid.

With capitals today.


a splendid name

you say you don’t like double spacing yet it all has to do with the rhythm, the beat

there goes a comma too

maybe we shall find a new tune tomorrow and see how the pattern goes then

like to change to take on ideas

we all like things different and that is ok

and I let him know


.string beans.

she sat on

the kitchen chair out back

in the sunshine

dressed plain except the floral


lips tight of concentration

she cut beans for dinner

runners from up the garden

i watched and remembered

.morning notes.

Awake a while I have now my coffee  and bun.

Have plans for the day yet it depends on supplies and temperature. 

No news since we spoke.  The pod cast was about the titanic yet I drifted off…..

The light is on over in the village and I wonder who it may be.

Birds sing.


i looked for your work, your writing

with a comma , and would have copied and saved for you

yet it is gone for me too

should I move myself into that other space where folk may be more polite


or carry on regardless


.tabby and ginger.

for those that follow here

the gravel has not come

it will be delivered another day

meanwhile it all came lovely

unlike the noise of traffic and emergency sirens

she said they were heading for the coast while we hide as always

no, not a covid isolation thing

a wanting to be away from it thing

over the years

she said the garden looks opened up while I wait for it to grow lush around me again

we have two news visitors recently




.gravel paths.

oh we talked gravel yesterday

how they sent a substitute

that I had not ordered the wrong colour

explained I quite like things come random

that all was well with the path

yet not the politics

it is suggested i don’t go down that road

nor a few others

unlike you who can’t be bothered

you see occasionally you slip into mind

yet that does not mean I like you


will I eat the walnuts with raisins

from my mother’s saucer

then move the hour hand with my finger

shall I decline your invitation to walk

suggest a chat in open air

these are questions that need no answers

most things are past

done with then put away neatly into boxes

until that random bloody day the door flies opens

and it all spills out again

.the execution.

there a little cloud with teardrops

a wash of shadowed grey

they came and cut the oak tree

not down entirely. they call it


for he was worried it will fall

on his


it still may yet that is

a different story

here there are old yews all about

with tree protector orders and love

from those below

who have insurance

who remember deportment and unfortunately

elocution class

and may have preferred the predicted