Monthly Archives: June 2021

.the pallet.

no reply from you this morning
perhaps you are out on your bike



there is snow on the mountain
a pinky glow

she said that it was the coldest night for years

and I forget how many


there are plans for the day
having watched the video

on how to do it

how not to do it
is brute force

no bashing

.the swallow.

they flew up so quickly i could not catch them

and the bus too far away

someone commented these sunny days that glare on the phone  obscures the subject anyhow

a case of point and shoot blindly

yet I saw the swallow yesterday
heard it had arrived on social

hengwrt posted

later I went down the estuary
to walk the wood

the tide was up  so wandered back to see the cowslips  and the photographer knelt in wet grass

a real camera




pleased about the photos

i thought it was like a different
world up there

some of it is national trust
with douglas firs and violets

there is a bench for to lay
to see the tree tops and i

told her that I did not use it
being a growed up

she said she doubted that

a lot

walked back along the road
to see the new lambs

waved to the farmer on her quad


she also reads the meters

round here


.colour challenge.

the hair looks like a cockatoo
with no fancy phrases

they used orange a lot
with some yellow

combed it fancy mainly

sprayed all over for style
and protection

he went walking with her
held her hand and laughed

i watched from the bus stop
now colour challenged


it was boiling water them days

plates and cutlery dipped

hands minded in industrial gloves

pink rubber

scalding dishcloths and sinks

down on knees blindly scrubbing floors

through insults and watery fears

we are a team , shouted regularly

while we took the comments seriously cowed with blisters from cold water on the other hand

a world of extremes

or maybe the contradictions

were dreamed

.gardeners world.

when the painting was finished

the green house door fell off

so laughing we propped it on the chair inside

a donation

he suggested white nasturtiums quieter than the hot colours

i have ordered some via cashback

to come by post like the chocolate egg yesterday

or was that a trick?

once he suggested one hundred blue bells

they are growing too

i thinks of these things while watching monty don this morning

with coffee early