Monthly Archives: May 2021

.the bear.

said to come to bed quick

lay down and rest

the warm blanket cosy

make a nest

a bit screwed round

and hopefully it will all go away

i said to the bear, i said that

the washing was left out and I had not washed up yet

dear bear said it did not matter

that care will be taken

and we will not tell the little ones

for fear of worrying them

we watched the sun go down together

.just temporary .


for your offered help

and saying you care for my welfare

all very much appreciated

i thankyou and say it is only temporary

balanced or tied with string

though overnight decided to use the glue gun

it seems to work well on twigs


have neither the skills nor wherewithal

to make it permanent



i used to go to oxford

get off the coach outside the museum

and go in

spend some time there

then go round town a while before

going back

could have stayed in there all day

yet is good to get out in the air

after so long on the bus

it stops there for some hours on the way home from london

where I saw tutankhamun and some miserables not at the same time though

now we can go nowhere really except 5 miles local

did that monday and the car broke down

now i can’t go nowhere again

i miss oxford and visiting museums


the drawing

went wrong from the beginning

i thought and on the wrong paper too

i thought

had ordered card from asda

got a substitution of a colouring book

more suitable for the house next door with children

i thought so donated it over


saw their puppy

then continued on the wrong paper

i thought

only things worked out

cojoined twins


if it is a question on bedrooms

and their historical allocation

the answer is straightforward

and simple without emotion

though the damp was mentioned

plus a snippet on sharing

and a hint of abuse

a slight colouring of a larger story

despite him saying nothing of the past

in his opinion

in my opinion it was his main subject

meanwhile i stood by the gate in the local village

and admired the garden


we had coffee over the road in the cafe

a nice change from a pub


from yesterday, the conversation and your enquiry

the remembrance is that it was mainly brown and beige when we moved in


cold and metal windows

condensation caused black


plus steam from the kitchen

colour crept in gradually despite protestations

yet we shall not talk of it further

there are no photographs

we had no impetuous to record

yet it seems we remember

.your enquiry.

some of you have mentioned the bear

the absence

yet still here though quiet


no more proclaiming

just whispering within these walls

or sending thoughts

there is still confusion and little understanding of the world

there is no gender pronoun

the bear is a quiet affair


there was lightning in the nigh

the phone told me

an alert on my app

comes yellow

it has been one year today

and that is plenty days and

there will be some more

of that I am sure

we listen to the rain early

with mixed feelings

there may not be gardening done today

there may be drawings

.a tin affair.

in white

a mirrored door

all tidy in lockdown

and though it was bought expensive

placed inside it is lost to me now

so use one of the others in the morning

and throughout the day

felt something amiss as we banged into fatigue and slept one hundred years

crusty lipped we search for blistex


traditionally use the vaseline


come morning early rather than dark

fish that are insects on the pantry shelf

the necklace chosen each year

a gift


the memory of travel come fleeting while writing

at least we did that.

hair now…..