Monthly Archives: April 2021

.eco logs.

look at you promoted from the use for which you were designed

a white enamel was desired
yet a galvanised was ordered

and though come lovely also
came too big for the space so

used to carry in the exotic logs
which help the environment and
crumble on the floor otherwise if
not contained somehow

the problem continued upstairs
so we moved you there yesterday

a new chapter
a new purpose

you succeeded nicely

i too reflect this story
start a new chapter
without purpose


and accept the predictions
as they seem to come correct

it was not a thought as such
more of a knowing

there is a photograph

come random

.matt hancock.

there may be after effects

nobody suggested a flock of pigeons

at 2pm that snowy afternoon

and that notes will be made

no one mentioned sleeping
later than usual

those chin tattoos
that come all beautiful
and trendy

noticed the birds several days ago
i do like the flocks even murmurations

which happen more mid wales
by the pier

you know
i haven’t been there in such a while

matt hancock

i have been staying at home now

11 months

in total

.the letter.

well hello

you see I did write back to you


a different format

more like a letter now
it is not on the poetry


to behold
so cold

we swept it
the twigs and debris

micro gardening

.uncategorised notes.

on a blue theme

new with gouache

come lately

hermes delivered
they know where I live now
learned quickly
after the first mistakes

we have to be brave and strong
like always
like we done before

we draw the ways we walk

now in blue

though we wiped away the second coat
of paint

.kitchen utensils.

you remember it perfectly
describe with accuracy

the colander metal and bent
for straining the peas and
other vegetables

potato masher

i have that too but may
have photographed the
wrong one

we shall see later

mummy’s hammer kept
in the third drawer down
even now

even now I have her fish slice
though I don’t eat fish

you know

you know
we have different memories about some things
different opinions on other matters

yet we think of her colander

both the same

.the response.

you said goodbye
said it had ended

to go there
or email you

i agreed as it was time for a change

time for a change of subject
of pattern

i did not agree to continue

he said that was the issue with the

it keeps changing

as things do tend to

sometimes there are too many words
and little truth

things come clear with time

.planning office.

felt the cold inside me

as i told you before

it came so yesterday
while my bones ached
to stay indoors

and did so

things worked out pleasantly
while he watched the cricket

i spoke to the hub
and was conveyed


planning can often work

the fire burned all day
from early


i write in notes to double space

as i can’t figure it out elsewhere

i feel that

the pattern is as important as

the words

then copy and paste it across

and see how that works today

will report back later
after looking for james


.tents & other things.

he set up camp elsewhere

required the internet

i liked the paintings of tents done in dull colours

remember the teacher who disliked the bolder hues

who bakes bread now and posts on facebook

is with the gallery who sacked me for such a thing and other reasons

i don’t know

i bake bread and eat it

.think about it.

the carpet is cleaner

done with a soapy cloth

i see there are gadgets

indeed I have some

my mum taught me this

not knowingly

i just watched and remembered

later started the ivy clearing

that on the ground then

after coffee opened the door

to do some more and found

it was raining hard

i went to the studio and drew

myself walking

the things I saw

how it felt