Monthly Archives: March 2021

.6 jan.

nothing felt right yesterday

not large stuff
nor small
and though like you to bed early

it rattled my brain until two
yet this morning awake as usual

surrounded in soft cotton

the duvet is white
and we huddle comfy

hope for a settled day

that is all



warning of snow and ice

.solo flight.

i too fly solo though
i did enjoy live performances
as you may tell

with all that talk of circus

i too fly solo
enjoy the flight

when the day clears
i look up at the others

used to wonder where they go
now I have an app to tell me

i watch the geese in the estuary
hear their sound

later in the garden
when the sun shows

raise my face into that light


those days we went each year
watched them drive through the
village first

oh the excitement

only they did not come last year
of course and i guess they will

not again this year

i would not mix with a crowd now

would you james?

when I was a kid the elephants
came by train and there was a
procession from the station
through town with performers

all waving

i was scared of the lions and other

not the elephants nor the clowns

i loved them both
and still do


.audience participation.

my goodness

such a thing to see while out
and about

such a high up place to be

in a field near here
along the main road
at hengwrt are three little

horses that run together
like in a circus those days

now there are no animals
mainly clever folk being smart
or funny

i miss the circus top
over by the cob

there is no panto either

which is an abbreviation for

there are the stories james

with audience participation

have you been to the circus?


good to be out in the air
these days

good to be warm

there comes a time when buttons
take on a simple importance

taking on from hooks and eyes

stitched on card

white threads

they say it is hardy
never wears out

my skin crawls to see it on the loom

there is a sensitivity there
that came from suggesting

he was wrapped in blankets

that is how the conversation started


later it turned to lentils
with the addition of various


it is a new twist

on traditional workwear

at ten times the cost

or more

it is fashion

talk of the year as if it

a living thing with feelings

did you know that wishing

doesn’t change stuff possibly

he said it did in that film yesterday



she calls it her bicyclette
with a parisian accent though

she lives mid wales

she sees the beauty all around
travels on her vehicle and takes

writes words of wonder
and cries

some people don’t like her
and gossip

as folks do

it is a shame


it will be a picture of a day
the wood waiting by the door

differing types
shades of dryness

to warm

mist came at dusk
enveloping all that remained
into a medieval story

curtains drawn we basked
in the smallness of it all

backed into the warmth

we missed the message

.order of service.

(or the timetable)

some places there is an order
of service
a timetable

it was cold in the night so we
all huddled in like it was a single

when it is double

we make a nest
and warm up

i have a pet fly now

whose name is almond
so I call him marc
as an endearment

yesterday google said he
will live for 0.8 years
this morning she said two weeks

i have not seen him today
perhaps he is still to sleep?

the bear will cry out at 11pm……


.ocean journeys.

i did not wish to go to sea

went just the once that I remembered
last evening

the crossing

it had been a longish day and cold
whilst managing fine here
i talked to others

felt the fear & sadness


gone tired
i remembered those early days in disbelief
with a longer sentence


left for bed