Monthly Archives: March 2021

.rate this translation.

maybe now while comfy here
and not fancying tea just coffee

it was a migraine yesterday
with a funny neck and things
went wrong

and the town has covid
a few miles away

i have kept away for a long time
a long long time

and have not missed it
though I did drive through
once to see the changes

there is a chap wrote a diatribe
in welsh with common sense
regarding the pandemic and

the facebook translation is

while at the same time
not any good
and very funny james….

very very funny


good that things come different
that all is not the same

all the time

i could write regarding monotony

then tell you the predicted of which came two

the usual board game and a mode of marriage

accepted some places
illegal the other

she implied she was married
and many assumed so

yet he never divorced
my mother

all things come differing


.mixed cotton.

sleep comes different
with the variety of fabrics


linen is dense and natural

as is cotton
only lighter

this cover was not chosen
with the full blown roses
and darkling pink

nestling in the airing cupboard
lower I found it and thought a

change may be nice
and so it is
we sleep lovely


i cannot find the pillowcases
that are remembered for being

perhaps were discarded with no
design merit

there is no remembrance of the

yet will remain here as a sleep aid


early yet

I have to tell you

i went a different way
to avoid the usual

found it was a parkland
with long hedges cut sideways

the back much longer
than the front

to create an anomaly

saw a white egret fly up and over
corrected the predicted from


walked home and watched the news

.tug hill.

it can become obsessive
this watching the news in your country

it may be an obsession
this tidying of drawers
in the warm rooms

these things do pass the time
while we stay at home
as directed

walking early
so as not to see no one
only that cat
and various squirrels

it may be a habit writing
each day

hearing your news
on tug hill

or maybe an act of solidarity james

.adventure stories.

it would be an adventure
like in a film of survival or

paddling against the flow

later going with it
in a new boat especially

bought as a treat
the two of you


we looked up the word we
thought she meant
and it became unnegated

the true meanings get forgotten
while cultural attitudes kick in

remember animal life

i reckon to go get it
and later you may find the other one

and then

buy another one


mostly cloudy



it came lovely yesterday
so much that no one settled

i went early and shivered
that my spelling suffered

that the waving was rudimentary
disguised by the hat

worn to the side
a bit jaunty like
with the japanese badge

others went later
on social media

while in the studio a series

marching in time
across the board

at dusk the view magnetic
we inned and out with the camera


allowing cold air into

the house



worth it

yes james the little things


soon we stand outside
faces up toward the sun

we will enjoy the natural warmth
set aside the stove for late afternoon

soon the light will stay
with us

my wood store is a plenty
now with variety
of kiln dried
eco briquettes

which burn hot
my lovely

though soon
we shall stand in the natural warmth

and breathe


in dolgellau


remember the dung beetle
gathering muck

and there are others
out there I am sure

for now the cat is asleep
in the cellar, goes down at dusk
thinks I don’t know

otherwise she is let out for
the night

or holed up somewhere else

she will scrabble up later
go out the back before


this time
the recycling centre stays open

while I see
someone has changed the tune

not so cold here today james

while the lorries drive the road