Monthly Archives: February 2021

.the mark.

it had clipped the hand in error

left a moon shape mark

turned black

or maybe

is was dark blue with a little red added

lasted two weeks and still prominent

much has happened since the pinch

rain, mutations and slight headaches

the path is blocked off
due to mud and saturation

life goes on
the mark remains

it was remarked that there is no hurry
that we have the rest of the winter

happily with a little chocolate

.block buster.

wise words


i feel lighter this morning
which is more physical

than spiritual

this time of year serves as a reminder

a pause
then move forward

often a block buster is advertised
usually we prefer the other

quieter stuff

it was a small day yesterday

tucked in

covers heavy

.this tree.

there is this one tree

planted early came slightly weedy

planted by the town with a little

fence around

the danger that it may come vandalized

& die

even then some may paint it white , add lights

in the cities green may be required

among the stone and lingering


she said there is a feeling of

impending doom

and on researching we find this

is true for many reasons

.tick eater.

some are wizards

some come predicted

while in bristol working

she asked the relationship because he liked

stuff of mine

on reflection see that she noted these things a lot


others would not have noticed

then a decision was made

by one party agreement by the other


frying potatoes  for tea

skins gone crispy

clean the cooker  top

some draw

while others draw out

tick eater

.false predictions.

something happened
everything repeated itself

on the page

lately i find if i bend the screen lightly
all appears back in order

unlike the brother
who appeared in auto fill

who is too deeply here
should predict as it

.small white teeth.


the road up over comes quiet

sheep stand in groups watching

cattle in a neighbouring field

moved higher due to predicted flooding

it is autumn now proper

some of us most of us

tucked inside

becoming whiter


small white teeth

.the procession.

assumimg you are safe
i tell you about the villages
close by yet still over the

where the good grub is
for midwinter while men
buzz about hunting

while i disapprove
and eat the vegatables

where the man talks about
his toe endlessly as the other
word is rather complex & all
this with only one paid for cup
of tea

where the child lays low playing
and unscrewing the chair legs

where the night comes earlier
each day and pheasants walk

the lanes in procession. this
was a gathering
this was a confession

was not quite

.the funeral.

yes things that come
will also leave

an interesting day yesterday
when things revisit and i slip in

to recall the experience
relive that time and remember

i watched from the window how they
stood close together and hugged

and how it is spreading

there was a storm all day
warm inside the thoughts

came overwhelming

we went to bed early

this is another day

.oh mistress mine.

medieval tartlet come scratchy

only once wore such a thing

rocky road of horror

least coverage and baggy below

without that leotard

come special

they walked home in the rain


missed on the pelican crossing

got pissed in the bar