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:: numbers ::

did you see the fairy folk fluttering

moth mouths and mismatch

the day came clear with numbers

written backwards

did you know that or did you google to find out

touch lightly in case wings

disintegrate to dust

tread lightly my dears

count them


.welsh not.

it is as nothing
a small breath of wind passing

even that is complained on by someone

my goodness

i made a piece on censorship of language
the welsh not

accepted & rejoiced by some
rejected and removed by others

censoring the image of censorship
some things come ironic

tomorrow it will be gone
another issue put in place

by others

these places are kitchens

you may remember i left once
persuaded to return to ignore

their bleatings

you see I fly alone

here know.

:: you know ::

five men

those men who desire

who speak in three voices

is all i will say here, you know who you are


time is upon us as he writes

the old way

dust from the fire

he weaves

remembering the beginning

of it all

ash escapes his brain

into solitude.

days left

three voices

rise until just one

is heard

.dna tracking.

it all starts here today
and will take a long time

there are so many many of us
lots upon lots

though early the lanes are clear
he sees no one
only the ice and frost

goes tentatively in the wrong boots

imagines the slipping so moves
the phone to a front pocket in


his imagination runs riot
as before and remembering

not to use the first word
that comes in his mind

or too many recognizable
cliches james

so we talked about dna alterations
those tracking devices they say are

and laughed over the silliness
of our conversation and then

i drew the tidy face and then

the scaffolders came not wish to die.

or any day. do not wish to hide

do not wish to run

to take the boat and steer

to take the hiatus i fear

it crossed so many times

each time delivering

some time sinking

while we are shouting that

we do not wish to die

my son


wrote of it before

the last crossing

having paid the price we hope to be delivered

knowing that in depth we drown


the island blessed

sandy tracks to wander

in memory

like birds we flew

now it comes commercial

no crossing

.day of the dead.

so it was yet no one did anything


drew on experience

kept quiet

for no one


they are dead

as deaf as a dodo


deaf as the man upstairs

dead as the designer now

the virus got them

they came with moustaches

all curly waxed

but it still got them

the day of the dead

.big coat.

.big coat.

want to draw that image

to keep it in my brain
to come out some other way

take on all the things on our arms
our shoulders

the coat hanger effect

i noted his oversized coat
and was admonished for

assuming judgement on

no no no it is about remembrance
and the drawing out later
when all is quiet james

it is that time of year for memorials
eighteen days yet

perhaps someone will come to measure the depth

calculate the timeline

.her bicycle.


using phrases like the enemy
it don’t go unnoticed here either

a negative use of language
instead of facts as you say

incitement and riot talking
found not guilty when tried

it is the modern way
to use adjectives that don’t apply

descriptions that come unnecessary
with double letters

and meanings

they talk in metaphors like me

they have a differing task, are not
magicians with a comma

moving on

i hope she will like a bike
and ride along with you

.four legged.

it came four legged

trouncing down the dark

no one was distressed here nor


one finds more fear in the doings

of men, their counterparts

fear of too much punctuation haunts


unlike the four leggeds


there are stars

there are no stars

so what is the true meaning


running in the dark

sorting in the rain things get wet

puddles form


a long dark road

two legged

.the meteor.

all so very space age or those films
about disasters and meteors
smashing into our crust
making holes
called craters


enough to give anyone
a nose bleed

we have his here in a jar labelled

sometimes it is anxiety
all that is going on around

it came so very cold
the bags were wet
and my hands hurt
like billy oh

did not drop off though
cos I huffed and puffed them

stay by the fire james
for now it is winter