Monthly Archives: December 2020


do you ever dream of a place
where you were so unhappy

that you have to go back

do you ever wake up late
your neck hurting

like heck

do you console yourself that it
is winter

dark and to be expected

do you still feel guilty

some do

some are glad it was just a dream

.one hundred and fifty fires.

tuesday bought eco firelighters
asked for two boxes to last a while

was asked to take them to the till
decided on three instead
fifty each box

to last one hundred and

fifty fires

liking multiples move to a new way of

for eventualities

looked at the boots after
and am giving it thought

i am imagining
blowing leaves

yesterday came the big drop
and the garden came golden

and what I will say to you today


is well done for staying

.the print skirt.

you would not come back

except for visits

you came again in auto fill

last evening sat alone

we still cannot understand

there is no explanation for that

nor what you did

you are a ghost to us now


we watched it on tv

you thought we were broken

yet we watch you solidly, bravely like joan

with just one comma throughout

we no longer come ragged

we watch you leave


tell you this

there are some do not believe

will not sleep while others will

and some

wish to be invited


some photos show nothing
while paintings can come

more personal

it means something if
you go to look


it means more if you sit quietly

in the light and read

there were challenges

one was print and pattern

.with reference.

with reference and respect

i tell you this


mist rose along the edge

scrubbed out scrubbed out that feeling

erased all marks or iridescent gestures

drew it inward until

it became outward

play the games

until all rises into absent beings

the beetle crawls fondly across the floor and we leave it

white mouse feeds at the window

a small plane flies over


maybe the tiredness brought the apparition melting

yet his face remained perfect

to me

through those years

i remember him running

his dog behind

remaining thoughts

move forward


good to get out

good to have company 

i expect 

things will feel brighter now

especially these dark mornings

in the surgery  the colour of the day

was green with yellow dispensers 


she found it enlivening while focusing

on the map of the world 

thought she could have written

world map 


the pattern went wrong

later  she helped him shove the leaves

in the neighbouring bins as he proclaimed

he would indeed take all the blame

it became an interesting

heartening day yesterday


the bear slept sound

.railway track.

nice to be excited
nice to ride the track

we have one here open from town down to the coast
quiet early, gets busy later though not bustling
as predicted here

a different creature then upon a bike
speedy with out no legs to stand just
two things buzzing around

no arms hanging
thrust out and attached to
an iron bar

i never thought of it like that


is good they explained

i remember out riding the mountain
the leader shouting at the art

students making environmental pieces

near the route

the bear says hello


good and never grumbles at all


there is a bear here that I have not mentioned a while as someone copied so he went quiet yet

still here
told him yesterday what happened and

he sat still and constant as always and was pleased

is pleased

there are no moose here nor noise as predicted

if there were
we would also have conversations man..

spoke and she said she wished she could go somewhere i realised i had and arrived at last

we are on holiday long term to enjoy
with all the commodities and delights plus exceptional views about

it is not actually so yet who would complain at such a thing and make themselves miserable

no use moaning when there us no one to hear

he looks like a kinder man and I am told he had paid the price


wednesdays here is market day
an hour’s drive away

except this week in lockdown

a pretty town
clock tower
and a few things titled alternative
only we think they are usual

wednesday is half day closing

wednesday is the same as all

other days now
we stay home


other days still have some significance
like sunday
when we change the bed


are more for walking, working these

today being friday I may tidy those
other clothes

to allow them see the light of day

at present still dark

..leaning slightly..

it is with regard that I visit here
each day

it is with care that I ask after his


some folk don’t say much
some folk manage
quite well


being independent

some make mistakes

i do and avoid the capitals

main thing is to weather the storms
and visit daily

i too lean slightly