Monthly Archives: December 2020


do you know the dark corner

behind damask

where music plays?

do you know why the tree died

why the paint smudged?

some know and remember the years

less for some than others

some paint tidy all realism while

others paint a different way

i know why the tree died . i do.

i know that the stove ticks when lit

.the drum.

the pound shops here have things that cost one pound


they sell glasses there for cloud and sun though

at present I do not shop in store
i shop online and while it is a

differing entity comes useful in these


she says the smaller stores will suffer
and while this is true I find it far more

convenient to have all the heavy stuff
brought to the door

rather than loading then later unloading
the car
to carry goods down the drive in various


a few leaves hang on like beaten rags
the branch hangs limp waiting for a

particular gust to fall

i do not have sugar in my tea
the saucer has cartoon animals
for decoration


he asked about the father
the answers came in language of that time
the terminology of the fifties

words that indicate dislike

not of choice

a mantra
remembered correctly

transfer of ideas

later unpicked to my delight
into another story
edges left bare

there is a box with papers
snippets and tickets

are these the codes and reasons
are these the stories of their lives?

.codes & reasons.

some ask if the routine of working is missed

it is noted that another took it’s


moving lightly room to room in winter

from one hour to the next

differing activities

moving out into the landscape
differing thoughts with exercise


on hearing rain early
delay the start of it

did you know he asked me my materials

the list got long and

could have been longer

even boring for some

so I stopped

some times I feel I may get found out
james, sometimes I am

with a comma.

codes and reasons


some days come lovely
despite the weather

mornings come darker with
quiet walks in the lanes


all that surrounds

one branch moves
creaking on the others

sheep stand quiet waiting
while we apologise

further down the water runs
where the straw was laid

the foot and mouth epidemic
those years back

on our way down south we

were diverted
a road block and all that


not crossing the line

never crossing the straw

we didn’t
not once

some are already sleeping
some stay gathering to be


while I do much the same james

.peters hill.

imagine all this in pictures
and get it wrong as I have

no idea really

and find it does not matter

the music came sadly on the film
at dusk and I felt it as I glanced at
the view at the window

i think it was an oboe though not entirely
yet it sure did hit the mark

today I need to write ekphrastic
and have just finished my winter
shopping order

with winter pies and puddings
for december

i remember when only rich folk had
groceries delivered

we walked up to winton and went
shop to shop

those days

liptons, maypole and the home and

and quite a few more
i liked the coal merchant on peters hill
who also sold seed

to run your hands through with permissions


my father was seen up there with the other woman
she limped I was told

my brothers were told not to acknowledge him
I am told


i do that too
you know go back and look at it

at what i done
feel a sense if achievement sometimes

and sometimes

I stand to look at what is to be done

the next day


allow the brain to absorb the idea overnight


the task is worked on over days as

there is no hurry no more

this way no one gets bored or fed up

of it


hopefully it gets done better

yes my mind is wandering already
back to the roundabout where the
van turned over

those years ago

this morning I had a refund
so that is another task achieved

ticked off in the diary


i like to observe the wood piles here

most are tidy and patternistic

while next door is more random

like chucking on the ground

storing in the wheelbarrow

the end result the same
warm homes this winter

i wrote about the making of quilts
back before
regarding the cost of blankets
so these were necessary items

stitched along the coast
to keep folk warm in winter

layers james


her voice sounded brighter
and I hoped she was better

a little

she affirmed she was so we

about this and that and

i have mostly fallen oak

leaves in the garden
and am looking forward

to the clearance when it comes

three quarters of an acre

memories drift in and out
while writing


notice my neighbour is using coal 

as well as logs now

this is a new turn for him

a break in the routine

i use nugget things besides

the kiln dried things which

burn up bright for flame

during the day I let it glow softly


while relaxing let it flare nicely

for comfort 

it is not cold yet 

with so much time at home

is nice to have the stove lit



and a thriller or some more

sometimes we read

and sometimes  we just sit

to look out the window

out at the mountain